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Paid surveys great for easy DIY projects [VIDEO]

DIY projects are a rising trend among people looking to make the most of their time indoors this winter. Thanks to the Internet, particularly YouTube, people can learn ways to improve areas in their home, apartment, car, or workplace at little cost.

Those looking to score a little extra cash for their DIY projects should look into paid surveys. Opinion Outpost will reward you with points for each survey you complete. You can redeem those points for cash and rewards that will help you complete your DIY project.

We asked Opinion Outpost members about their DIY abilities. Of the 1,810 who participated in our poll, only 5 percent said they would absolutely never try a DIY project, while 25 percent said they consider themselves a pro.

f you have a fun DIY project, pay for it using money earned with your free Opinion Outpost membership. Start by entering some simple info in the box to the right.

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