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Paid surveys can pave the way for better summer vacations

Forget winter, summer is coming! For many Americans, the cold, blustery days of winter are now a thing of the past, at least for this year. With the warmer weather, people are expecting to be a lot more active, partaking in barbecues, beach trips and vacations to help them relax. According to one study conducted by the U.S. Travel Insurance agency, 61 percent of Americans plan to travel in 2014, with an average 2.4 vacation trips planned.

Economic conditions are still on many people's minds, and there is no denying that vacations are expensive and many Americans are still extremely budget-conscious. This is even affecting their vacation planning, with many families planning their trips around what they can afford instead of what they actually want to do. People are driving instead of flying and planning for shorter vacations instead of really kicking back and enjoying the moment.

"The kids would love to go to Hawaii, but there's no way I'm going to do that. We've been hunkering down, money is tight right now," commercial insurance salesman Mike Klopp told Fox News. "I'm not sold that things are better."

FatWallet reported that 54 percent of Americans think they will spend $1,500 on their trips, with 13 percent expecting their trip expenses to run them more than $3,000. There is no denying that the basic necessities, ranging from hotel room prices to travel costs, are on the rise. Last year, international round-trip flight tickets were up $8 year-over-year during the summer, while the average hotel room cost $112, up from $107.

Utilizing paid surveys to ease the burden
Economic growth hasn't been as strong as many people wish this year, which can be a real detriment for people planning their vacations. However, that doesn't mean they have to downgrade the experience by staying fewer days or going local if they don't want to. There are plenty of different ways people can earn some additional cash to help them pad their vacation budgets and maybe even upgrade instead of scaling back.

Paid surveys are one way for vacationers to earn a bit more money before they jet-set off to paradise. Surveys can be done quickly online through companies like Opinion Outpost and won't take too much thinking from the survey respondents. Even if they're busy planning all the logistics of their vacation, it doesn't take much effort to answer some simple questions. Heck, it might even make the vacation more enjoyable as survey-takers will feel they've truly "earned it."

On the other side of things, say people take a vacation and end up exceeding their budgets. With credit card bills piling in, they may find themselves in a financial pinch. Once again, paid surveys can be a great tool to help people pay off their expenses.

It's the summertime and the living should be easy. People should consider paid surveys as a means to help them upgrade their vacation experience.

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