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Opinion Outpost's 2014 Summer Reading List

For those working multiple jobs who are constantly stressed, it's hard to fully enjoy the benefits of the fabulous summer months. Fortunately, you can uncover a wealth of productive free time when you begin to earn extra money online by taking paid surveys on Opinion Outpost. Suddenly, the activities you never had time for while running from your job to soccer practice to dinner and finally to bed can be remembered. For instance, when was the last time you curled up on the hammock with a good book? Today, Opinion Outpost takes you on a journey through the wonderful world of literature with this summer's hottest reads - all available for purchase with the extra cash from making money online.

For the TV Junkie: "Arts and Entertainment" by Christopher Beha
​It can often prove to be difficult to convert a hardcore couch potato into a literary nerd, but this new publication due for release on July 1 just may be a gamechanger. The story follows protagonist and drama teacher Eddie Hartley, who lives in constant resentment of former lover and now famous TV star Martha Martin. Hartley's all but given up when he remembers the one thing that might stand to make him relevant in the acting world again - an intimate video recorded with his ex-flame - but will his marriage and career benefit from the ensuing media firestorm? You'll have to crack this one open to find out.

For the Current Events Buff: "Hard Choices" by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Another great use of the money made with paid surveys is investing in a quality autobiography. One of the most fascinating women of our time has released her story just in time for the summer reading season - Hillary Rodham Clinton, former Secretary of State and first lady, wrote of her extensive experience in the complicated American political system and her views on the state of the union. Though some view this as a precursor to announcing candidacy for president in 2016, there's no denying that Clinton has a fascinating life - she's survived national and personal tragedy with grace and strength, and is sure to keep you captivated on your beach blanket.

For the Serial Reader: "Summer House With Swimming Pool" by Herman Koch
Koch is arguably one of the most popular Dutch authors in the American market today and knows how to craft a mean mystery, dazzling in past works like "The Dinner." His new work, released this past month, follows a celebrity doctor who caters to his patients' wishes rather than their well-being, leading to deadly consequences. Will the good doc right his wrongs or hide the truth until it catches up with him? All bets are off with this bloody page-turner.

The simple pleasure of enjoying a book can't be overestimated in today's high-stress, instant gratification society. When you fill out surveys for money, this pressure is lifted and, for once, you can enjoy seeing a story unfold before your eyes without sweating over the next electric bill.

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