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Opinion Outpost Presents: Top Geeky Gadgets

For the geek who's strapped for cash, life can be difficult - with as many wonderful, edgy products that are on the market, it's hard to keep up with the income required to get your hands on such interesting items. Before you take on that second or third job, consider joining forces with Opinion Outpost and make money at home online taking paid online surveys. The advantages are limitless, leaving you with the extra cash to purchase the geeky goodness your heart desires, as well as the time to actually use it. With the power of paid surveys on your side, here are some of the top gadgets on the market to keep your obsession in check.

Google Glass
This gadget has been in development for over a decade, as head mounted technology has been worked on as far back as 1995 for strictly militaristic purposes. Nearly 20 years later, Google Glass aims to bring this same technological innovation to the general public and offers Google applications including Maps, Gmail, Google+ in addition to external apps like Evernote and The New York Times. These tools are presented in front of the user's eye without compromising their view of the world around them, closer than we've ever been to the Internet of Things. The gadget is operated on the side of the glasses on a touch screen - certainly an interesting development to adjust to, and one that doesn't come cheaply. The product remains under diligent development, but can be purchased now in its beta stages by those willing to embrace the daring new frontier of personal tech.

The smartwatch
This development is, once again, comes from the massive Google headquarters in California, and aims to bring all the social convenience of a smartphone strapped to your wrist. As of this writing, there are a a number of different models available with varying levels of application access. In some ways, the simple accessibility to applications and the device's "travel companion" functions serves as a beta version of the Google Glass for a more reasonable price. The Telegraph reported on some of the item's exciting features.

"The touchscreen devices will also allow users to send text messages, schedule calendar appointments or play music, either with the tap of a finger or with a voice command, as with Google Glass," writer Matthew Sparkes raved.

Basically anything "Doctor Who"
For those hoping to save a little extra cash before spending all their money from paid surveys on one thing, consider snagging some merchandise from your favorite geeky shows to spruce up your home. Though there are too many niche series to count, a crowd-pleaser is the BBC juggernaut "Doctor Who," which has been on-air with a rotating cast on and off for over 50 years, with plenty of fun items featuring their iconic "Tardis" time-traveling police phone box. Whether you're interested in a geek-themed shower curtain, slippers or even footie pajamas, the goofy possibilities are endless.

There you have it, geeks and geek lovers - make money online from home with Opinion Outpost and start the tech-savvy lifestyle you always hoped for between episodes of "Cosmos." What more could you want?

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