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Opinion Outpost Finds Out More About Your Favorite Toys

Opinion outpost finds out more about your favorite toys

Ah, summertime - the long-awaited part of the year where you can kick back and relax while the kids occupy themselves with playthings, school far away from their minds. For many parents, it's exciting to share the toys they played with as children with the next generation, but often lack the extra cash flow to do so. When a mom or dad takes the initiative to earn extra money online, parents can share their memories without racking up a huge credit card bills simply by taking paid surveys.

To get the wheels turning, here are some of the origins of your favorite childhood toys that are still on the market today!

The Barbie doll
Believe it or not, the now-famous Barbie is named after a real person - creator Ruth Handler named the fashion doll after her daughter Barbara in 1959, and it's certainly stuck. After debuting at the American Toy Fair in New York, demand for the glamorous doll soon increased, and Handler's son Kenneth had the Ken doll named for him in 1961. Over the years, Barbie has gone through a number of re-imaginings and, most significantly, careers - in her fifty-five years of existence, the character has undergone nearly 150 career changes from astronaut to beauty queen! Though the more involved play sets, which include the infamous Barbie Dream House, have a significantly higher price tag, parents can make money online today with money earned on Opinion Outpost to keep the fun coming.

Silly Putty
Silly Putty was a happy accident that has been enjoyed for generations. Created at the dawn of the plastics revolution, GE engineer James Wright created a flexible material by combining silicone oil and boric acid that could take on the shape of any object it was pushed against. The result was a match made in children's pass time heaven, and Silly Putty quickly became one of the fastest-growing brands on the market. Today, all the Silly Putty will cost a parent is a small amount of money made from paid online surveys!

The Slinky
This old favorite has one of the more bizarre origins in the classic toy canon. The Slinky was originally conceived when naval engineer Richard James accidentally dropped a tension spring he was working with down a flight of stairs in the early 1940's. Like the famous plaything eventually would, the spring went down the stairs in its trademark silly fashion, and a famous and extremely valuable patent was born. Two years later, James had developed and debuted the toy, and all official Slinkys are still produced in his hometown of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania with his original production process.

No matter the plaything of choice, one thing is clear - a fun afternoon of parent-child bonding is just a click away when Opinion Outpost is used to make money online. Have a good time without the financial guilt nagging in the side of your mind, and have the family fun you so richly deserve!

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