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Opinion Outpost Brings You America's Coolest Free Museums

When you take the leap and begin to make money online from home by taking paid surveys on Opinion Outpost, a whole summer's worth of opportunity is cracked wide open. Replace stress and an empty wallet with funding for the vacation the whole family has been needing without the guilt of needing to borrow money from a trusted person or a bank. While traveling, it's a universal problem to be conflicted between keeping the pursestrings tight and indulging a little to enjoy the time away from home to the fullest. To save a little money made from taking online surveys for a fancy dinner, here is Opinion Outpost's top three free museums to visit in the United States.

Smithsonian Museums - Washington, D.C.
The Travel Channel website and Yahoo Travel agree - the vast channel of Smithsonian museums and research facilities in the nation's capital are the top attraction for visiting families from across the globe. It's no surprise considering their sheer variety in offerings. Whether you're fascinated by aerospace engineering, American art, history, botany or just want to hit the zoo, there's an attraction available to you without any cost at all, with the Smithsonian's funding coming primarily from private benefactors. Popular picks in the catalog include getting a gander at Dorothy's original ruby slippers, Archie Bunker's famous chair from "All in the Family" and the original leather jacket worn by Henry Winkler as The Fonz on "Happy Days" in the 1970s. For the choosy family, this is a fabulous destination - there truly is something for everybody.

Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology - New York, New York
It's no surprise that New York is the U.S. capital of clothing, boasting one of the world's most popular Fashion Weeks in the world and the notoriously expensive Fifth Avenue. The Museum at FIT allows a family on a budget to enjoy culture without breaking the bank on the season's latest trends, and features a retrospective on American fashion dating back to the Founding Fathers. For those looking for an exhibit that's a little more cutting-edge, the museum has received quite a bit of praise for its racy exhibit of lingerie through the years, covering corsets to Victoria's Secret. Students often display work at FIT as well, so visitors can check out tomorrow's trends on display today.

Cleveland Museum of Art - Cleveland, Ohio
One of the leading free art museums in America, the Cleveland Museum of Art was founded on the idea that everyone deserved access to quality artistic work regardless of their financial standing, and houses an impressive permanent collection with works from Degas, Monet and Caravaggio. For a first-time visitor to the city, the museum truly is a must-see attraction that won't set you back a cent made from paid surveys.

There's plenty of educational fun across the country that doesn't cost a dime. When you get paid for taking surveys and travel smart, vacation expenses can finally become manageable - hey, why don't you go again next year?

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