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Offensive opinions that don't belong in online surveys OR on TV

Offensive opinions that don't belong in online surveys or on tv

Reality TV, the media, celebrity gossip magazines - they're all chock full of questionable opinions. When someone says something that immediately makes you cringe, that's when the message goes from questionable to offensive. 

Some would say it's a part of life. Media pundits and TV stars are free to express themselves how they please. Granted, you can always grab the remote and change the channel. Companies that distribute paid surveys can kind of do the same thing.

If your opinion is blatantly offensive, organizations may not want to do business with you. They could stop sending you online surveys to complete, and you may not reap the same number of rewards you started getting. Don't be offensive. It does more harm than good. Just ask these former TV stars for examples.

Gilbert Gottfried jokes about tragedy
Comedians normally show their talent by doing a careful dance on the razor's edge between comedy and cruelty. Just look at every Comedy Central roast for clarification.

When Gilbert Gottfried - the former voice of the Aflac duck - fell off that edge, things started to spiral out of control. The comedian took to Twitter shortly after the tsunami in Japan to make a few jokes. 

""Japan is really advanced. They don't go to the beach. The beach comes to them."

Gottfried was later fired from Aflac for the remarks. Unfortunately for him, Aflac is the largest insurance company in Japan, according to Business Insider.

Michael Richards blows up on-stage
You may know Michael Richards better as Cosmo Kramer, the character he played on the hit TV sitcom Seinfeld. How could anyone know him for anything other than bursting full-speed into Jerry Seinfeld's apartment and concocting zany get-rich-quick schemes?

Everything can change if you blow up on stage. People start forgetting your comedic history and why they liked you in the first place. 

Michael Richards watched a big portion of his career go down the tubes after he was caught on tape yelling racist remarks at a comedy show.

Adam Richman's 'thinspiration' tweets
Adam Richman used to be the daredevil foodie famous for hosting "Man vs. Food" on The Travel Channel. He would journey across the world looking for the most daring food challenges, squashing many of the records himself. With such a job, it's easy to gain a little weight.

That might have been the reason why the star tweeted a picture of himself after noticing a significant amount of weight loss.

"Had ordered this suit from a Saville Row tailor over a year ago. Think I'm gonna need to take it in a little #thinspiration," his tweet read, according to The Guardian.

Not everyone was pleased with the "thinspiration" hashtag, which has been used on social media before to promote unhealthy amounts of weight loss. Richman didn't get into hot water after the initial tweet. His new show - "Man Finds Food" - was suspended for what happened after.

A fellow Twitter user criticized the star for the hashtag, to which Richman responded with a barrage of hateful insults. The premiere of "Man Finds Food" was pushed back to July 2, 2014, to dodge the media firestorm.

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