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New survey shows Americans are using sick days in interesting ways

Sick days

Vacation time and paid sick days are important for helping employees strike a good work-life balance and take the time to recover from an illness or injury. Apparently not all Americans agree with this concept, as a new study found many folks are using sick days for an unconventional reason.

In a poll of 1,000 young adults, nearly one in four people reported that they had used a sick day to take care of a pet. The poll was conducted by Truth, an organization working to end tobacco addiction. 

The costs of canines and cats
Dogs and cats are wildly popular in the U.S., the Humane Society reported. Nearly 80 million American households have at least one pet, representing about 65 percent of homes in this country. That adds up to an estimated 163.6 million pet dogs and cats.

As many pet owners know, veterinary costs for man's best friend or a loveable tabby can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in a single year. When you include expenses related to food, treats and toys, keeping a furry friend in the family can be a very pricey ordeal. Given that 25 percent of pet owners have used sick days to take care of a dog or cat, it would appear that there are additional expenses beyond the money spent on supplies and veterinary care.

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The importance of time off
According to Fortune, many Americans are either overlooking or unable to take either sick days or paid time off. As a result, employees may be stressed or burnt out. The source found that this can result in billions of dollars of in lost revenue for businesses each year. This is either because of less productive workers or because some individuals roll-over days off and use them in lump sums instead of taking off  just a few days at a time.

Regardless, it appears many folks in the country are still hesitant about taking a vacation or sick day. In some industries, it may simply be a matter of not wanting work to pile up, like in the deadline-driven newspaper industry, for example. In other instances, some employers are not offering the same compensation or instead have developed new perks.

Working from home is on the rise in the U.S. and gives employees an opportunity to take care of a sick child - or in some instances a sick pet - and still be productive. This may be the best option for parents or pet owners who might otherwise have to sacrifice precious days off to visit the pediatrician or vet.

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