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7 Cool Medical Jobs You Can Work From Home

Remote and flex time jobs are fast becoming a trend in the American workforce — and healthcare companies are leading the way.

FlexJobs, which releases a list of the 100 best companies that provide flexible work hours every year, noted incredible growth in the healthcare industry in 2015. That year, more than 25% of the companies FlexJob listed were in the medical field.

And the jobs are still there, today, too, especially in mental health services and administration.

Big healthcare companies want to attract good employees, says Jessica Aguilar, director of Talent Acquisition at Anthem. “At Anthem, we know that in order to attract and retain top talent we need to provide flexible work opportunities, which include options to telecommute,” Aguilar told FlexJobs. “In fact, approximately 34 percent of our more than 50,000 associates work remotely.”

Since healthcare is one of the top industries offering remote work across all areas of experience, there’s bound to be a cool medical job that you can work from home.

Ready to get your job interview on? Here are 7 of the most interesting remote medical careers out there.

1. Healthcare Data Analyst

This mid-career position bridges two important worlds — healthcare and big data.

According to the University of Wisconsin’s School of Health Information Management and Technology, healthcare data analysts play a crucial part in helping hospitals, physicians, and insurance companies manage and analyze patient data to drive decision-making.

“Their role has become increasingly important as organizations look for ways to capitalize on big data and its various applications, including how it can be used to drive healthcare quality improvement,” write the site’s editors.

So if you’re a “stickler for detail and number crunching, enjoy solving complex problems, and work well under pressure,” this could be the career path for you.

Since data analyst positions are frequently remote or offer telecommuting, you’ll have flexibility in your schedule for parenting duties, education, and other career interests to boot.

2. RN Case Manager

If you’re a trained nurse who enjoys patient advocacy and planning, then case manager might be the perfect position for you.

“RN case managers are charged with assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the care of patients and how resources were used to achieve this,” explain the experts at NurseJournal.org. “They look into the quality of care and they make sure that risk management and infection control policies are in place.”

Because hospitals, nursing homes, insurance companies and emergency response teams need these kinds of workers, there’s a lot of opportunity in the field — and flexible or remote work comes with the gig.

3. Clinical Trial Manager

This key behind-the-scenes role requires more advanced knowledge and experience, since clinical trial managers handle every aspect of a clinical trial for a new medication or medical device.

Pharmaceutical companies have a big financial stake in how their drugs perform, which makes this position a demanding one.

And they’re looking for folks who have a lot of project management experience, in addition to a medical background, says Theodora Savlovschi-Wicks, the client services manager of ProClinical, a medical services recruiting firm. If you don’t have a project management background, you may need to find ways to get one.

“One strategy may be to shadow a CPM at your current company or ask for additional responsibilities that would typically fall under the CPM role, such as completing study budgets, training team members, or being the main contact person for study sponsors or investigators,” suggests Savlovschi-Wicks.

If you already hold a similar role at your current company but are looking for more flexibility, consider broaching the subject of remote work with your boss.

“Rather than just having a casual conversation, it’s better to design a formal proposal — for your boss to take the arrangement seriously, you’ll want to show that you do, too,” explains Elizabeth Lowman at The Muse.

4. Therapist

You might not think of therapy as a job you can do remotely, but services like Talkspace, an online service that allows patients and therapists to message one another, are trying to change that.

“Traditional therapy is a 2 percent service,” Roni Frank, the co-founder of Talkspace, told Well and Good. “If you have the money, the time, and the access, it’s great.”

With advances in tech come opportunities to make therapy more affordable — and give therapists and healthcare professionals another revenue stream.

Medical, social services, and nonprofits are looking for mental health professionals, too, according to FlexJobs. In fact, this is one of the job site’s five fastest-growing career categories in 2018!

Prominent job titles on the site include speech pathologist, counselor, and behavior analyst. You can check out the postings here.

5. Patient Advocate

As our population ages and health care laws become harder to navigate, patient advocates have taken on more important roles in the healthcare system.

“A patient advocate's responsibilities can include wrestling with billing mistakes on medical bills and negotiating with insurers who’ve rejected policyholders for coverage,” explains Kerry Hannon, author of Great Jobs for Everyone 50+, at Forbes.

“The advocate might also help patients pick doctors, discuss treatment options, assist in finding a specialist or hospital, keep track of prescriptions or accompany patients to doctor appointments to take notes and ask questions,” she adds.

Because women are often the ones navigating these issues for their families, patient advocacy is essentially “a growth field...among boomer women,” says Hannon.

This makes it the perfect part-time, or remote job, especially if you’re looking to take on a more active role in your retirement.

6. Nursing and Part-Time Care Roles

While many nurses and caregivers are employed by hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities, plenty of these medical professionals work remotely.

And the industry is changing so fast that remote communication is becoming a bigger part of the job description, too. In fact, according to Medscape, telehealth will become a $34 billion industry by the end of the decade — and that will directly affect nursing.

“Telehealth comes in many flavors, from monitoring patients with chronic conditions through video chat, to providing critical care to patients in remote areas,” explains Aparna Bala, a registered nurse on the news site.

“Nurses can use telehealth to communicate directly (although not simultaneously) with remote physicians for questions or consultations,” she adds. “This improves the quality and efficiency of patient care in an increasingly dynamic healthcare environment.”

What’s more, the need for remote nursing positions is growing.

"Nursing, and healthcare overall, is typically one of the fastest growing career fields according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics," Brie Reynolds, a senior career specialist at Flexjobs, told Woman’s Day.

You can view open nursing positions at FlexJobs here.

7. Pharmaceutical and Insurance Reps

Interested in pharma or the healthcare industry but have the outgoing personality of a salesperson?

A pharma or sales rep could be your dream job, plus it generally offers plenty of travel and flexibility. The only caveat? The field is changing — fast, says Chris Wright, a managing principal at ZS Associates.

“The best pharmaceutical sales reps can talk about a greater variety of products than in the past,” Wright told Monster.com.

“They’re flexible, instinctive and take a more on-the-spot approach, while staying within the bounds of what they can legally discuss,” he added.

Specializing in a particular treatment area can also help you get noticed. And plenty of the same skills apply to medical liaisons who work in the field, too, which makes it a natural alternative.

Get a better feel for the market’s shifting demands here.

Whether you’re just starting out in the healthcare industry, or you simply want a flexible job that helps you earn more money, these 7 jobs should be at the top of your “Dream Careers” list.

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