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Making money online: What is Facebook launching TV ads for?

Making money online what is Facebook launching tv ads for

Social media website Facebook has made mountains of money since its inception in the early 2000s. If there's any doubt in your mind about that, remember that the Web giant bought the cross-platform mobile messaging company WhatsApp for around $19 billion in February of last year, according to a release from the website's newsroom. Just a month later, the organization spent another $2 billion to acquire the 3D gaming company Oculus.

For all intents and purposes, Facebook has virtually mastered the making money online game, and now they're those incredible sums of money to invest in the future - but it's not just for their company.

Facebook advertises for Internet.org
You may have already seen some of Facebook's latest advertisements that center around friendship. The commercials feature various groups of people in real life scenarios with a narrator in the background weaving the humble story of how relationships change you as a person. They're natural and heartwarming, but they're ultimately focused on promoting the website. Some wonder why this is even necessary for a website with over one billion active users.

Nonetheless, it's just one project in Facebook's repertoire. Perhaps a more interesting development includes what the site is doing for an organization called Internet.org. Recently, AdNews reported that Facebook launched a series of outdoor and TV ads in Canada and Australia promoting the Internet.org campaign, which seeks to bring Internet connectivity to the two-thirds of the world that is currently without the World Wide Web.

"This regional campaign shows that the more we connect, the better the world becomes," a Facebook spokesperson told the news source.

Currently two commercials have been featured in TV spots in the country, and there are plans to release two more. The main objective is to raise funds to bring free or affordable Internet to people in developing countries that currently don't have it. 

One of the spots tells the story of Neesha - a young girl in a family of magicians. The commercial shows dancing puppets, fire breathers, tight rope walkers and, of course, an observant Neesha who takes it all in with access to the Internet. The message is that this young girl thousands of miles away could benefit greatly by sharing her story on the Web. What's more, people everywhere could benefit from what she has to share, too.

What's in it for Facebook?
Of course, some may be quick to point out that Facebook has a pretty clear motivation for funding efforts that would bring more people online. More Internet users means more people who can use Facebook. However, just because Facebook profits from the deal doesn't make it wrong. There's a clear benefit to bringing the Internet to unconnected regions of the world. It opens previously untapped doorways to education, business, health and more for people who may have no outlet refer to yet. That's a good thing no matter how you look at it, and if Facebook stands to earn extra money online in the process, it's really just a situation that benefits everyone.

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