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Making money online: The Internet billionaires

Making money online: The internet billionaires

Completing online surveys for money is a great way to earn a supplemental income, but it probably won't make you into a billionaire. Earning such sums on the Internet takes backbreaking and innovative work - not to mention some pretty impeccable timing and luck. 

There are still quite a few billionaires that have almost exclusively earned their income from work on the Web. You've probably heard of a few of the websites they've invented, too.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin - net worth: $17.5 billion apiece 
​The two highest-earning people on the Internet just so happen to be partners, according to BBC News. No surprises here - they're the co-founders of the search engine behemoth Google. Brin was a PH.D. student and tour guide in the Stanford University computer science department when he met Page - who was taking a tour - in 1995, Bio noted. The two wouldn't hit it off immediately, but in five years they would leave the school behind and become Internet billionaires. Whether they rode the wave of the dot-com bubble or not, they're the minds responsible for making a search engine into one of the most recognizable company names worldwide. Feel free to Google that if you don't agree.

Jeff Bezos - net worth: $12.3 billion
Right behind the Google founders is the person who founded Amazon.com in his garage in Seattle - Jeff Bezos. He had already become a successful businessman before ever thinking up Amazon. According to Entrepreneur, he was the youngest vice president at D.E. Shaw & Co. - an investment banker on Wall Street. All signs say he was already making a comfortable six-figure salary, so why quit? Probably because he had a multi-billion-dollar idea brewing. Bezos was inspired to become an Internet retailer while surfing the Web back in 1994. He left his job, packed up his life, moved to Seattle and started selling books out of his garage using the World Wide Web. Years later, Amazon.com would become one of the world's largest retailers ever.

Mark Zuckerberg - net worth: $4 billion
Odds are you've heard the name Mark Zuckerberg before. He's the social media genius responsible for Facebook, and he's no stranger to the big screen or or frequent news coverage. "The Social Network" popularized his climb from Harvard undergraduate computer whiz to billionaire social media website creator. Today, he's one of the world's youngest billionaires, and he has his savvy Internet expertise and social media vision to thanks. Some may say he was especially talented because there was already big competition from other sites, like MySpace and Friendster. Nonetheless, Zuckerberg catapulted Facebook into worldwide success. According to a Washington Post article from October 2014, the amount of active users on Facebook reached roughly 1.35 billion - nearly equal to the population of China.

You may not have a billion-dollar idea to earn money online yet, but remember that there are plenty of other ways to make some extra cash on the Web.

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