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Make your voice heard this election [VIDEO]

There are many high profile names aiming for the white house in the upcoming 2016 presidential race, including the boisterous Donald Trump. In the months leading up to the election, political polling will be extremely important.

This means that Opinion Outpost members' opinions will be sought after more than ever. Many issues will be heavily debated, such as foreign policy, environmental protection, and spending. Many candidates depend on polls and surveys to understand how to shape the discussions they have on their platform.

We wanted to take a quick pulse of users who have already participated in any kind of political polling either on Opinion Outpost or elsewhere. We found that even though the election is still 17 months away, 23 percent of our users have already participated in some form of political polling.

We can't promise all members will take a political poll, but to make yourself available for one sign up for free today!

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