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Lady Gaga belts national anthem, bats a shadowed eye

On Feb. 6, visionary diva Lady Gaga kicked off the 2016 Super Bowl with a near-perfect rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner," reported USA Today. The singer, clothed in sparkling crimson fabric and sporting matching eyeshadow, belted out the traditional tune.

Music lovers tweeted rave reviews of the performance. Style enthusiasts commented on Gaga's striking outfit, reported Buzzfeed. And, cosmetics aficionados noted her strong makeup game.

Tried and true technique
The pop star's personal makeup artist Sarah Nicole Tanno was responsible for the look, reported Bustle. Tanno normally shapes Gaga's red carpet style and works with her on professional projects, including the Emmy Award-nominated television series "American Horror Story: Hotel." According to Harper's Bazaar, the makeup artist received praise for Gaga's Marilyn Monroe-inspired style at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards. Tanno was also responsible for one of The Hollywood Reporter's best beauty moments of 2015.

Leaning on the classics
Fashion experts said Gaga embraced an emerging trend by laying on thick, colorful eye makeup at the Super Bowl. Over the last few years, fashion designers and stylists have resurrected a number of sartorial characteristics from the 1980s. Industry stalwarts Yves Saint Laurent and Mark Jacobs adopted the decade's bright hues and bold lines in their recent runway work. And, actors like Lupita Nyong'o, Olivia Wilde and Scarlett Johansson regularly break out 1980s-influenced looks on award show red carpets.

Gaga's style evolution
In 2008, Gaga became a public fixture with her dramatic debut album "The Fame." The singer altered her personal style to match the album's glam-pop trappings and wore everything from geometric dresses and bubble-clad leotards to lace body suits and vinyl ball gowns. Gaga continued pushing sartorial limits until around 2014. By then, the pop star's popularity had faded. Plus, Gaga began to actively embrace her jazz roots and took up serious projects that required her to adopt a more subdued style. She couldn't duet with Tony Bennet wearing a dress made of meat.

"When I came into this with Tony, he didn't say, 'You've got to take off all the crazy outfits and just sing'," Gaga told Parade. "He said 'be yourself'."

Last year at the 87th Academy Awards, Gaga commemorated the 50th anniversary of "The Sound of Music" by singing a medley of songs from the film, reported The New York Times. The singer performed the numbers flawlessly and shocked viewers with her understated white gown.

Today, Gaga maintains this toned-down look but adds bursts of color here and there to reference her earlier, more flamboyant style. 

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