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Kid throwing a fit? Here's a nice release

More often than not, the reason why some parents have to work from home is that they've got a couple of their obnoxious, yet loveable offspring between the awkward ages of 1 and 7 to take care of. Though they may work part time to help pay the bills, finding a way to make money online could provide a much-needed financial boost.

Here it comes: the kid storm
Given the fact that telecommuting is so widespread, it's not uncommon to be able to work from home these days. However, communicating with a client is pretty difficult when you have a 4-year-old pulling a nutty because a Pokemon action figure isn't working the way he or she wants it to. Thankfully, it doesn't necessarily require uninterrupted focus to take online surveys for money on Opinion Outpost. Participation isn't time-sensitive and it's not as if you have to worry about losing a potential customer because your child is pulling a tantrum.

Typically, whenever a child chooses to fall into an inexplicable, completely spontaneous fit of tears or rage, you need to take the time to calm him or her down. Yet, the magic of childhood is completely unpredictable. You could be trying to pacify your child for five minutes or five hours (I certainly hope not, Godspeed to the parents who face these situations). So what's that survey going to do? Get frustrated with you, hang up and then complain to your manager? Nope!

After you've managed to calm your rambunctious kid with a glass of water – or anything without sugar for that matter – the crash ultimately comes. He or she collapses on the nearest couch and is most likely to be out for at least an hour, recovering from the outburst of just moments ago.

Something relaxing, not time-consuming
At this point, do you really want to buckle down and do some office work? Getting your kid to fall asleep on the couch was difficult enough. However, you still need a way to make money from home an you're not looking to make your mind run laps – your progeny already sent it into overdrive for about 45 minutes. You want something low-intensity, that's mildly entertaining and doesn't fill your ears with the sound of a wailing 3-year-old.

So where's the viable option? Opinion Outpost pays its members cash through PayPal or rewards them with iTunes and Amazon gift cards. Not only could you participate to build up some money for groceries or gas, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to purchase songs, movies, TV shows, books and other forms of entertainment at a discount or for free (depending on how often your partake in the surveys).

It's OK. You're kid's asleep. The storm has passed. The battle's over. While the war may not end until that little tike turns 18 and you can kick him or her to the curb, Opinion Outpost offers a good avenue through which you can relax after a long day of juggling work and your child's trying temperament.

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