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Keep your personal information safe from scams [VIDEO]

It seems like every week brings a new hacking scam, which sends us running to our bank accounts to make sure everything's still there. Just recently, one of the country's largest insurance companies fell victim to a data breach that put as many as 80 million current and former customers and employees at risk.

What can you do to keep your banking information safe from scammers?

First, it's important to use common sense. Suspicious phone calls, emails and live chats online should set off red flags. Do your research before sharing something like a social security number of banking credentials. When possible, avoid providing either!

Opinion Outpost members don't have to fret about personal information like credit card numbers when they sign up. It's completely free to join, and after you've completed enough surveys to redeem for great rewards, you don't need to share you bank info to get paid.

We asked our members if they'd ever had the unfortunate experience of having their personal information stolen. Thankfully, only 28 percent of the 1,788 responders had run into that misfortune.

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