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Is the Apple Watch hype fizzling?

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch to a packed room of applauding fans in Cupertino, California, Monday, March 9. Shortly after, celebrity commentators, industry analysts and everyone in between took to the Web to share their thoughts about the device. BBC News shared a few of the poignant insights.

"The Apple watch has the feel of Steve Jobs' Lisa [computer]. It's ill conceived, ill considered & likely to go the way of Google Glass." Economist Joseph Brusuelas said via Twitter.

"As I watch this demo, it strikes me exactly like how I decided to buy an iPhone. No single thing convinced me. It was a bunch of little stuff, all added up," Business Insider's writer Matt Rosoff wrote. 

"I know the $17,000 Apple Watch is getting most of the attention because it is extreme, but the $349 one actually seems pretty reasonable," Matthew Ingram, writer for GigaOm, posted on Twitter.

As preorders don't start until April 10 and consumer reactions have been a mixed bag, the only certainty with the Apple Watch is that the reveal has been a polarizing topic. An Opinion Outpost poll that asked if respondents cared at all about any of the Apple announcements showed a similar trend with answers split right down the middle. Half of the respondents cared and half did not.

A risky investment
Perhaps the only bit of reliable analysis of the Apple Watch, CNBC noted that investors weren't buying the big reveal. Apple announced a few big-ticket items on Monday - one of which was the 13.1-millimeter-thick $1299 Macbook. After that reveal, the news source noted a sharp increase in Apple stock prices, a sign of growing investor confidence.

However, those gains were squashed once the Apple Watch took center stage at the end of the show. Apple's stock prices would drop down to a .02 percent increase by the end of the day - a virtually unchanged amount. 

The hype surrounding Apple's newest wearable tech is a secondary issue. The real story lies in whether or not the device will actually sell.

It's all about the apps
Critics have been quick to comment on the affordability of the 18-karat gold $10,000 Apple Watch Edition. While it's  certainly an interesting topic, that price tag is beside the point. There are other Apple Watch options that cater to the same frugal buyers that still own an iPhone 6 Plus. 

The real question is, how smart will this smart watch will really be? What will set the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition apart from an analog Rolex or the $349 watch apart from any other sleek accessory? According to Jan Dawson, an independent technology analyst for Jackdaw Research, it all comes down to the apps.

"All of Apple's devices really come alive with third-party apps, and it'll be the same with the watch," he told The New York Times.

A focus on third-party app creators may mean the success of the Apple Watch is completely out of the tech company's hands now. Only time will tell if these gadgets really will fly off the shelves come April.

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