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Is making money online hard? [Video]

The World Wide Web is a pretty powerful place for making money – and while it might sound hard – it’s actually surprisingly simple.

If you’re super organized – consider becoming a virtual assistant. This job is becoming increasingly popular, and it could be a feasible way for you to earn some cash.

Or, if you happen to be fluent in another language, why not become a document translator? If you know a particularly rare or challenging language, you have even greater potential to make a decent amount of money.

Your opinions are worth money too; and if you have opinions you think are worth sharing, you should definitely consider joining Opinion Outpost – an online community that pays members cash and gift cards in exchange for taking surveys. Better yet, each time a member attempts a survey, they are automatically entered into a quarterly prize drawing worth $10,000. One of the best parts about being a member if that you can take the surveys from anywhere. We asked members in a recent mini-poll what their preferred location is, and a whopping 91 percent said they like to complete surveys from the comfort of their own homes. Another 7 percent answer surveys at work, and 2 percent select somewhere else.

Picture this: You’re wearing your PJs, sitting on your couch in front of the TV, making money online with Opinion Outpost. Does it get any easier than that?

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