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In the mood to watch some classic sitcoms?

Remember the shows that used to be on the air regularly when you were growing up? It's easy to get a little nostalgic whenever you think of those nights you spent watching "The Cosby Show" or "Full House" with your folks. Although the latter show ended in the late '90s, it's safe to say that it can be categorized as a classic - if not by popular opinion, then at least in your heart. Maybe you're thinking further back to the days of "All In The Family" or "Three's Company" - two programs that produced some of America's most recognized actors.

Find a way to bring back the old times
So, why not relive some fond memories and start watching a well-loved series again? If you have an Amazon.com account, you can buy a couple of seasons of any of your favorite shows. If you're concerned about paying, consider joining Opinion Outpost and making money online from home. The website's members periodically take surveys and accumulate points. Depending on how much you'd like to be reimbursed for, you can redeem those points for a gift card to Amazon.com.

Think you're going to have to dole out 40 bucks just for two seasons of "The Cosby Show"? Guess again. One of the listings on Amazon.com prices seasons three and four (a package deal) at under $15. If you make a habit out of taking online surveys for money, you'll probably be able to fund such a purchase within two weeks' time for virtually no effort on your end. Once visiting Opinion Outpost becomes something as perfunctory as making breakfast in the morning, the number of Amazon.com gift cards you'll be able to earn will be astounding.

Use memories of the old days as a way to reconcile
If you're a member of the millennial generation, there's a good chance you grew up watching "Boy Meets World." Who could forget the wisdom of Mr. Feeny? Or the iconic bromance between Shawn Hunter and Cory Matthews? Say you get into a dispute with one of your siblings that lasted far beyond the days of watching the show on Thursday afternoons after getting out of school. If you ever want to bury the hatchet, put a "Boy Meets World" episode on and there's a good chance your brother or sister will forget the argument altogether.

Worried about paying? Why should you be? Seasons of older shows are often cheap, and remember that you're getting paid to take surveys online for money. Taking half an hour or more out of your day to participate in Opinion Outpost's surveys isn't a lot of effort. If you're a college kid with some time to kill on a rainy day, go nuts and spend a couple of hours on the website. If you want to relive the magic of your youth - whether it was inspired by Dr. Huckstable or Archie Bunker - taking surveys for money is a good way to provide yourself with some funding.

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