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Improving the food industry by taking surveys for money

Improving the food industry by taking surveys for money

You sure that was a pickle you just ate? For all of the ingredients, additives, preservatives and other "-tives" that go into much of today's food products, people often wonder whether or not many of the items displayed in a grocery store or served in a restaurant are actually what they appear to be. Corporations have responded to consumer criticism - expressed by people taking surveys for money online - by employing best practices, but increased participation in these studies will give them a better idea of what members of the public want.

A better restaurant experience 
There's no guarantee that you're going to walk into a chain restaurant and find yourself immediately satisfied. Between the disgruntled waiter who's been working all day and the rushed manner in which the food is prepared, you've got to wonder whether or not your meal will look like the picture on the menu. If if that sesame chicken sandwich with braised garlic and jalapenos isn't exactly what you thought it would be, you have every right to express your opinions to the waitstaff, but doing so may be kind of awkward - they've been on their feet all day and have four other tables to take care of. Not to mention, you don't want to risk them hawking a nice, fat boogie right into your food.

Thankfully, there's a way to work around this uncomfortable scenario. Some restaurants offer their guests the option to participate in Web reviews detailing the customer experience. Some websites, such as Opinion Outpost, provide people with the opportunity to take online surveys, which are sponsored by nationwide and regional eateries. Executives want to know what consumers expect out of a conventional dine-out experience. The best way to do that is by studying reports detailing widespread customer viewpoints.

Getting real food
So, you've seen films such as "Food, Inc." and realized that you may not have the best idea of what you've been shoveling down your throat. Cows being injected with hormones, lettuce genetically engineered to produce greener leaves and corn-derived products being in virtually every processed item you consume gives you reasonable cause to worry. As a result, you do your research - finding out which food companies produce the best and worse edible items. 

Changing shopping habits and reading the nutrition facts are good practices to have, but if you really want to revolutionize the way in which the food industry operates, taking surveys to make money may be your best option. If executives deduce that you're more likely to purchase responsibly grown, organic products, then they'll try their best to deliver such materials in the most efficient manner possible. Want beef originating from cows that have been fed a proper diet? Then submit an answer claiming that you'd prefer to eat grass-fed meat.

Ultimately, food companies produce products based upon what's in demand. If frozen chicken nuggets fused with a cocktail of chemicals are popular, then that's what they're going to manufacture. That's the thing though: edibles shouldn't be created in a factory, they should be derived from ethically raised livestock and responsibly grown produce.

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