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How to throw the best Cinco de Mayo party this year

Despite what many Americans believe, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. In fact, although it celebrates a Mexican victory over French invaders in the 1860s, it is not a particularly important holiday south of the border.

Here in the U.S., however, Cinco de Mayo has a long history, and according to the University of California, Los Angeles, has been celebrated in California since the 19th century. It has spread throughout the country since and in the last few decades especially has become a big event for having fun and cutting loose.

Regardless of its origins, Cinco de Mayo is a great day to splurge on a party. By taking paid surveys with Opinion Outpost, you can make money from home online and pay for these essentials.

The food
Although tacos or chips and salsa may be more of an American creation than authentic Mexican dishes, the Food Network reported that no Cinco de Mayo party would be complete without a trip to the grocery store.

For more intimate gatherings, it may be worth investing in a make-your-own burrito bar. Likewise, you can easily impress your guests with homemade churros or flan. If you're anticipating a larger party, chips and guacamole or Mexican street corn are both delicious finger food options.

When it comes to Cinco de Mayo, the star of the show will probably be the adult beverages. Be sure to head to the liquor store and grab a case of beer, or look online for a margarita recipe. 

The decorations
Food and drinks are the fuel that will keep your guests happy and content, but to really turn your party into a full-blown Cinco de Mayo fiesta, you'll need to grab a few decorations. As HGTV pointed out, there are a number of options that can be made at home or picked up at the store.

Simple wall decorations like a Mexican flag or colorful banners will give your house or apartment a bit of flair and help set the mood. Bright, fresh flowers are also an easy way to spice up your Cinco de Mayo party. Pick up a few cheap sombreros to give to your guests, or consider splurging for a more authentic one and rocking it yourself. 

The games
Perhaps the most important decoration will also bring about all sorts of fun and excitement. When the time is right, break out your piñata and invite your friends and family to take a shot at cracking it open. Before the party use paper mache to craft this piece of flair or otherwise just grab one at the store. When it comes to stuffing your piñata, you may chose candy and other treats or even individual liquor bottles. 

Another fun idea for your Cinco de Mayo party is to use a custom image or photo for pin the tail on the donkey. Print out an embarrassing picture of a friend and have guests try to slap on a mustache or pair of sunglasses. Otherwise, the right dance playlist could be all it takes to ensure your shindig is a success.

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