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How to take the perfect Instagram selfie

When someone earns extra money online by taking paid surveys, a few of the finer things in life become available to the everyday person who is raking in some cash working from the comfort of their own home. Though small, luxuries like being able to afford healthier food and more upscale cosmetic products can afford someone a much-needed boost in confidence, which can be fun to show off on social media outlets. What better way to exhibit your new 'do or makeup palate than with a well-crafted selfie?

Instagram is an excellent way to put yourself in the best light and show your friends and family just how happy you are when you fill out surveys for money. Follow these best practices from the masters of the selfie to make your next snapshot a viral hit!

Composition and text should work together seamlessly
Instagram has become such a popular application in part because of the celebrities who use it to show off the finest parts of their extravagant lives, which frequently feature their perfectly puckered selfie faces in the foreground. For evidence, look no further than 2000s reality TV star turned beauty business mogul Lauren Conrad for her must-have tips on getting one's best look on display using the application. She spoke specifically to the use of filters on the cloud-based tool, and when users should be adding them to their posted image.

"The not-so-sexy truth is that there isn't a one-button way to make an image beautiful. I have a few editing apps that I like to use on my phone (namely one called Snapseed) but I don't often use filters," Conrad explained. "You'd be amazed at how far small changes in contrast, temperature and saturation can go."

That's right - even when you have the perfect lighting, hairstyle and filter, sometimes it takes another editing application to make someone look not just great, but fodder for going viral.

Take your cues from the pros
Celebrities like Conrad and the Kardashians used their existing clout in the industry to make their profiles popular, while "nobodies" have become famous for using Instagram well. Leading beauty blog Byrdie went so far as to interview some of Instagram's most successful selfie snappers to get their insights on best practices for the everyday user. Here are some of the best:

  • User Cara Loren spoke on the importance of being well-lit. "A good selfie needs good lighting ... find that light and let that smile shine!" she recommended.
  • YouTube star and beauty guru Michelle Phan gave readers her ideal tip on finding one's best angle. "Hold the camera up above your eye level, turn your face at a three-quarter angle; this is the universal good selfie angle," Phan told the source.
  • Writer Emily Schulman discouraged the oft-lambasted "duck face," claiming it's tacky and will result in other users not taking you seriously as you deserve.

Let those who disparage on the selfie hate away - when you're looking and feeling good from taking paid surveys, it can be fun to show the world. Throw up your hair, choose the perfect filter and snap a beauty!

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