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How to make money: The most ludicrous schemes in TV and movie history

How to make money the most ludicrous schemes in tv and movie history

Hollywood is obsessed with daring missions and pulse-pounding attempts to earn cash. From intense bank heists to dinosaur amusement parks, audiences have seen it all. Perhaps it's because so many other things have been tried before, or maybe script writers are running out of ideas, but some movie schemes are just plain ridiculous. Here are three plots iconic for just how absurd they are.

Breaking Bad idea
When a genius high school chemistry teacher named Walter White is given a death sentence because of a virulent lung cancer, he's thrown into a moral conundrum about how to provide enough money for his wife - now pregnant with a child - and son after he passes. Despite his incredible intellect, mastery of chemistry, and ties to a multi-million dollar company, which he helped co-found, he decides to earn money a completely different way. He makes highly potent crystal methamphetamine and gives it to his past high school flunky student to sell around town. 

If that doesn't sound ludicrous enough, he gets the idea because his brother-in-law, a close friend, is an agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Despite the zany plot, "Breaking Bad" won over the hearts of millions. Its viewership grew by 442 percent from the fourth season to the end of the sixth, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Blue Streak
When a diamond heist goes awry, Miles Logan - a comedic criminal played by Martin Lawrence - is arrested and put in jail for two years. Before his capture, however, he manages to hide an enormous diamond in the air duct of a construction site. Upon his release, he tracks down the lost jewel to what's now a new police headquarters. In an attempt to reclaim his prize, the criminal - fresh out of prison - poses as a reassigned police officer to gain entrance into the building and ends up working as a detective during the treasure hunt.

Luckily, the police don't confirm his background, don't recognize him as the arrested thief from just two years ago, the former diamond owners give up on looking for their fist-sized jewel - which is within roughly a two block radius - and the L.A.P.D is none the wiser while Logan makes up half-baked law enforcement methods during his time on the force.

Being Cosmo Kramer
Although not exactly a scheme, there are too many downright bizarre ploys used by Jerry Seinfeld's eccentric neighbor Kramer to count. He's been everything from a condiment inventor to a police lineup stand-in to a department store Santa Claus to make a quick buck. Oddly enough, it all worked well enough for him to afford an apartment in New York City with few complaints.

Sadly, the entrepreneurial wisdom of Kramer is beyond the grasp of many more sane individuals. Luckily, there are other more time-honored methods of making money out there. For one, paid surveys are a timely and reliable way to earn cash quickly. While it may not be as exciting as posing as a detective or stealing diamonds, it's far less risky. Plus, making money online from home legally takes all the extra legwork out of escaping across the border.

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