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How to make money on YouTube: Heartwarming pet videos that make big bucks

Earning money on YouTube seems like a simple enough concept. You publish a video, enable advertisements and collect a certain amount of the proceeds based on the video's view count.

It's a story of major success for YouTube celebrities like Jenna Marbles, Michelle Phan or comedy duo Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. Phan has been recruited for marketing campaigns by Lancôme, L'Oreal, and Dr Pepper, according to Vogue. Padilla and Hecox have signed on for a feature length movie deal.

They all used YouTube as a launch pad for their future success. However, you don't always need an incredible talent, comedic chops or a witty personality to get noticed on the video sharing site. Some people earn money just by documenting activities that become a hit on the Internet, and pet antics are one of the big sellers.

Here are a few examples based on view count and content.

Soldiers coming home to dogs
If the rush of puppy commercials during the Super Bowl wasn't a big enough signifier, type "soldiers coming home to dogs" into YouTube to see just how huge the market for happy pups is. There are dozens of YouTube users that get millions of views from compiling videos of soldiers coming home to greet their pets.

One YouTube video maps out the entire experience from uploading to getting the check. The user states in the description that he posted the video in 2005 after returning from Afghanistan. Only after it started getting some major attention in 2009 does he start giving live updates about the view counts. It all ends in his video shooting from just a handful of views 10 years ago to over 20 million today, and it all goes right back to the dogs.

"Thanks to everyone who clicked the ads. This week I received a check for $602.23 from Google Adsense, which I am donating to the Alexandria Animal Shelter today," the user noted in December 2009.

The notorious cat video
There are too many ridiculous cat videos on the Internet to count. There are so many that it's become one of the common Web browsing stereotypes of the modern day. Yet, cat videos constantly deliver.

Now, some users are focusing on delivering an absurd amount of content to make their videos stand out. Cat compilations on YouTube stretch up to 10 hours in length, and viewers are still clambering for more. 

Of course, not everyone has the time, resources or equipment to edit together 10 hours of cat footage, let alone the patience. And with a flood of other YouTube pros placing their pets in the videos, it's hard to stand up against the competition. 

Instead of taking a gamble while filming your lazy cat lounge around all day, start making money online now using a more reliable method. Paid surveys are a great way to collect a little extra income, and you'll never have to worry about a view count.

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