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How to make money: It's in your blood - literally

How to make money its in your blood - literally

Some people are willing to go great lengths to make a little honest cash. Sometimes, that means studying a new skill, finding ways to earn money online or applying for a part-time job. Then there are other options not recommended for the faint of heart. 

When times are tough, there are few options some people aren't willing to consider to make money, and many end up putting their bodies on the line in the process. Luckily, options are legal and, in general, safe. Here are a few examples.

Donate blood
You may have donated blood, platelets or plasma before. If you did this for a nonprofit service like the Red Cross or for a hospital, it's likely the substance went directly toward helping patients who need transfusions. You can't get paid for this service, however. According to Bankrate, the federal government does not allow these institutions to pay individuals for blood that is used in transfusions. 

Instead, blood donation centers that pay participants must use the substance for other purposes. Instead of benefiting a patient, your blood may be used by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies for research and testing. Nonetheless, this is a money-making option that the less squeamish can use to earn around $25 to $50 per donation, the source reported.

Give your hair the chop
If you're not keen with needles, maybe you'll consider a pair of scissors. Marketplace.org reported that a few people will cut off their locks to sell them to bidders online. In fact, a U.S. business called Hairwork.com will post advertisements with pictures of your hair for $25, and hair sales can generate anywhere between $100 and $4,000. 

However, preparation for a hair sale takes a long time. Mary Brown, a user on Hairwork.com, told Marketplace.org that it took her around four years to grow the hair that she sold. And maintaining it over that time period was no small feat. 

"You don't want to use heating products on your hair, you want to use very mild shampoos," Brown told the source. "It also helps if you are eating really healthily and taking multivitamins."

Sign up for a clinical trial
New drugs and medications need to be tested, and there are companies and facilities willing to pay top dollar for human subjects. In fact, Bankrate suggested that some clinical projects pay up to $5,000. However, they come with another price as well.

"Most clinical trials that are going to pay you are going to be studies early on in the development of the drug or vaccine. There won't be much safety information except from animals," Arthur Caplan, division of medical ethics director at the New York University Langone Medical Center in New York City, told the source. "Those risks are something you have to ask about, take very seriously and to some extent, you're in the unknown."

Sometimes there's no telling what side effects there may be for a new drug, and some test subjects sacrifice their comfort as well as their health.

If you're unwilling to put your health on the line for money or wait for your hair to grow out, consider some alternatives that don't have unsettling requirements. Paid surveys are a great way to earn money with your mind instead of your body.

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