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How to make money at home: You're not the first one

It may sound like a dream to many, but every day there are people who make a living while never having to leave the comfort of their home. People take to the Internet to work on merchant websites like eBay or Craigslist, work with companies remotely or complete paid surveys to make money without ever stepping foot out the front door.

While making money from home is a concept that has certainly gained steam in recent years, it's no novel idea. In fact, some of the most successful multi-billion-dollar companies were started in a founder's home. Here are just a few examples of people turning a home money-making idea into a colossal business venture.

With nothing but a $538 investment and a dream, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded their company in 1939 in a small garage in the backyard of the house they rented in Los Altos, California, American Express reported. Before long, the two young inventors built their first product - an audio oscillator - and began selling the devices to Walt Disney Productions. Within a year, the two outgrew the 12-by-18-foot garage, moving to another location nearby. Their company became incorporated in 1947 and went public just 10 years later. 

Many people would never guess it, but what has become one of the most popular and iconic brands in the tech industry also had humble beginnings in a home garage. A young Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne worked tirelessly out of a garage belonging to Steve Jobs' parents, developing the first Apple computer in 1976, according to Inc. In fact, this garage was just 10 miles away from the garage that spawned Hewlett-Packard. The group sold their first computer - the Apple I - to a local store for $500 and quickly began developing the Apple II. Macintosh products may have earned the young men their first million dollars, but Apple cemented itself as a tech leader with devices like the iPod, iPhone and iPad decades after starting in Jobs' Silicon Valley home.

Not every company started as the pipe dream of young inventors, however. Jeff Bezos was already a Wall Street success - the youngest vice president of an investment firm, according to American Express - when he left to start an online shopping business out of his garage in Bellevue, Washington. Bezos would launch Amazon.com in 1995 and take the company public just two years later. Since then, Amazon has become the largest online retailer in the world. 

While these stories highlight the tremendous success that can come from working at home, there are numerous more moderate victories home workers experience every day. If you'd like to see how much you can earn within the sanctity of your house, paid online surveys are a great place to begin. Signup is quick and easy and in no time you could be getting paid to share your opinion about various products and services. The best part: Making your commute is as easy as turning on your computer.

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