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How to get free money - or the closest thing to it

How to get free money  or the closest thing to it

Nothing in life is free - that's how the saying goes, at least. Some people would argue this is merely a matter of perspective, however. It's true that there is likely no way money could miraculously appear in your bank account without a little effort on someone's behalf. By this standard, even money that's gifted to you by a relative or a friend wouldn't be considered "free" because that person must have worked for it in the first place.

Instead, many people rely on the closest thing to free money, and in many circumstances, this means minimizing the amount of effort necessary to make some cash. This process can take many forms, but completing online surveys for money is one of the surest, fastest and easiest. Here's why.

You already know how to do it
Signing up to take online surveys requires very little work, and you'll need even less training to fill out the provided questionnaires. That's because the people designing these surveys rely on very general consumer opinions. As long as you can express the way a product or service makes you feel, you're capable of doing the necessary work.

Next, all you have to do is request a particular form of payment - usually an award or points for a particular online marketplace. Cash equivalent rewards like PayPal earnings give users flexibility to spend what they earn almost anywhere. PayPal can even be linked directly to your bank account so that money goes straight to one easy to manage location. You answer a few questions about how you feel, and suddenly there's more money in your bank account - that's the gist of how it works.

You barely have to lift a finger
Most work places require you to at least show up, but when you're making money online from home, there's no travel and no hassle involved. You could be answering questions from your sofa during a movie, in a study during your downtime or even from the comfort of your bed. There are few money-making methods that require less effort than clicking and typing from the same place you woke up from.

There are no risks involved
As long as you're using a trusted service, you don't put anything on the line when you choose to take paid surveys. There are some services that require you to pay to use them, but there are many more out there that are completely free. Sure, winning the lottery or making some money at a casino slot machine is pretty close to getting free money, but that amount you pay and the amount you risk ensure the practice isn't really free at all. With online surveys, there's no risk involved and no money on the line. You will inevitably make money in the process, and the amount you sacrifice is limited to just a little time on a computer.

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