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How to earn cash for your March Madness party

Few sporting events are as spectacular and gripping as March Madness. With a newly expanded field of participants, 64 teams will be duking it out for college basketball supremacy and a shot at a moment in the sun. For fans, March Madness means filling out brackets and sitting back for hours of enjoyment.

Billions of dollars in television rights and advertising money have turned the event into an impressive economic force. According to WalletHub, the tournament is a way for participating schools and host cities to make some cash. For fans, using Opinion Outpost to take paid surveys is an easy way to make money online from home and get in on the action as well. Whether you're hosting a party or just buckling down for the long haul, here's everything to keep in mind ahead of this year's March Madness.

The food
Smart Money For Life reported that beer sales alone are a major financial boost for bars and restaurants during the college basketball tournament, and even without any adult beverages, food and drink are a major part of the viewing experience. Taking paid surveys ahead of time makes it easy to splurge on wings or other take-out meals.

If you're having friends or family over, you'll want to be sure to provide adequate snacks and refreshments. After all, an upset or loss to a rival may be smoothed over with some delicious comfort food.

The technology
As important as it is to have the right sort of munchies available during your March Madness party, some folks might first need to secure a way of watching. CBS and Turner Broadcasting own the TV rights to the tournament through 2024, according to Wallethub, and it may be necessary to upgrade your television plan to include channels like Tru TV and TBS, where some of the games will be aired. Aside from cable, there are a few other options for getting in on the action.

The source said that 80.7 million people opted to watch March Madness on a smartphone or computer in 2015 through the NCAA's new online offering, a 17 percent increase from the year before. This could prove to be an important option for anyone without a TV or who may be trying to catch some of the action on the go.

The bracket
Bloomberg News found that a large number of Americans will be setting aside some money for bracket pools and other such endeavors during March Madness. An estimated 40 million people swap nearly $9 billion in official gambling expenditures as well as friendly bets.  

For some fans, this can be a very important part of what makes the tournament so special. For others, a running office bracket challenge may be a cherished tradition. Even the biggest basketball junkies may find it difficult to predict all of the upsets and win the day. For that reason, earning a bit of extra coin with Opinion Outpost is a way to soften the blow of a disappointing loss. 

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