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How Much Money Can You Make Taking Online Surveys? [Video]

Would you share your opinions online for $10,000? Now I’ve got your attention. I know you’ve heard about taking surveys online for money and probably paid no mind, thinking it’s not worth your time or that you can’t make any real money.

Well, how about this: members who are active on Opinion Outpost have numerous opportunities to enter a quarterly drawing for $10,000 dollars – think that might be worth your time? Entries to this prize draw are given for participation in surveys, so the more surveys you take, the more entries you can earn. And when you’re not earning entries to the drawing – you’re earning points that are redeemable for cold, hard cash.

At Opinion Outpost, we’re always exploring new ways for members to participate and earn cash. In a recent Mini-Poll answered by 2,769 members, we asked users if they’d like to see an Opinion Outpost game app created exclusively for them that they could use on a tablet or smartphone. The overwhelming answer was yes, with 81% of voters wanting one. Only 19% didn’t think it would be worthwhile.

Being a member of Opinion Outpost means the chance to earn money in a fun way – and if you win the quarterly drawing we’re not just talking pocket change. Don’t miss out; join for free now. We’d love to hear your opinions today.

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