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How going green can save you lots of money

With all sorts of environmental issues related to resource extraction, increases in development and pollution, making efforts to minimize the impact you and your family have on the earth is critical for protecting the natural world from irreversible degradation. Even without the negative effects of climate change looming large, making a few changes in your everyday life can be a big boost for your local environment and the rest of the globe.

Going green is all about reducing consumption and doing things more efficiently, both of which can work to save you money. Of course protecting the natural world is a great pursuit, but when you account for the immense savings that come with easy environmental practices, it's hard not to want to do some good.

Bike power
If you have just a 15-mile round-trip commute, Kiplinger reported that you can save $7 every day by opting to bike to work or school. That means that in a standard work schedule, leaving the car at home and hopping on the bike just once a week can result in nearly $350 in savings. Taking paid surveys online with Opinion Outpost is an easy way to make money from home and pay for any expenses related to biking, further maximizing the amount of money you keep in your pocket.

The greenhouse gases associated with personal transportation are a major contributor to global warming, meaning you will be doing your part to help alleviate this problem. And as an added bonus, biking is an excellent source of physical exercise.

Be smart about electricity
Between fridges and washing machines, televisions and video game systems and even just keeping the lights on, it's not hard to run a hefty electricity bill. By being mindful about how much your family is consuming, it can be easy to cut back on costs. Unplug appliances when they aren't being used, change certain devices to their most efficient settings and talk with your family about more specific ways you can lower your electricity use.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to install energy-efficient light bulbs. Good Housekeeping found that this can result in a 75 percent reduction in the amount of electricity your family uses to light your home, which can be equal to more than one hundred dollars in savings in just one year. 

Locally sourced food
Where and what you and your family eat has a major impact on the planet. Some foods may come from across the world and require immense amounts of energy to grow, preserve and ship to your grocery store. Opting for local food or veggies grown in a backyard garden can be an easy way to save some serious money.

Not only is locally sourced produce better for the environment, but eating at a restaurant or getting take out can be surprisingly expensive. If you have to eat out sometimes, there are simple ways to cut costs. For example, many major coffee shops will charge less for a cup of joe if you provide your own mug. 

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