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How do you earn cash from paid surveys?

Sign up for a paid survey service like Opinion Outpost, start answering questions that are emailed straight to you in the form of surveys, earn points and exchange those points for rewards and cash.

Believe it or not, earning cash online is as simple as that. Still, there are a few people out there who don't understand the system, and that uncertainty breeds an uneasy feeling where there should be certainty and confidence. For one reason or another, many workers across the country are still most comfortable with receiving a check from their employer.

There are direct deposit services, online mobile banking apps and a flurry of ways to earn money online that you shouldn't be missing out on. Answering a few questions in your spare time for cash is just one of the rewarding new things you owe it to yourself to explore.

Do it all in one place
Luckily, completing surveys and getting paid is made all the easier because you can find everything you need on one website: Opinion Outpost. Other online jobs or services may insist you sign up through multiple systems and refer to several different sites before money ever enters your wallet. With Opinion Outpost, you can sign on, answer questions and cash out via PayPal all right here. There's no reason to sift through the Web researching how points can be redeemed or how to get your rewards sent directly to you. The entire process is streamlined to give users what they work for in the easiest manner possible.

Cash out in no time
But easy isn't everything. Most people want to collect their earnings quickly, too. That's no problem either. Opinion Outpost has one of the lowest thresholds to cash out among other services that distribute paid surveys. That means you don't need to collect a huge amount of points before choosing to cash out. Whereas other services may force you to answer hundreds of questions and spend hours working before you can collect your rewards, Opinion Outpost gives you the freedom to collect those earnings almost immediately.

Receive your earnings even quicker
Then again, cashing out quick wouldn't mean much if delivery was a long a process. That's why Opinion Outpost doesn't force you to wait to use those earnings either. As soon as you cash out, you can choose to have cash forwarded directly to you using a PayPal account, or you can choose a variety of other gift card and reward options that can be either sent through the mail or redeemed using a code online. 

When you're using Opinion Outpost, claiming and receiving cash and prizes can be done at the speed of your home Internet connection, and that means getting paid within just minutes or even seconds after you've put in the work.

Collecting money from online surveys is simple, easy and lightning quick, so what are you waiting for?

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