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How Comic Books Come to Life

For some, reading comic books and enjoy contemporary art forms like graphic novels is the ideal way to spend spare time. When you fill out surveys for money at home, this downtime can be transformed into some extra cash that can be used to indulge in the comic lover's habit and learn more about the art form itself. Since its beginnings in the early 1900s, the steps necessary to make a comic book has undergone a variety of changes, from shifts in popular themes to the digital transition, but other aspects ring true no matter the era.

The process of creation is fascinating, and one that you can honor on your bookshelf when you earn extra money online with paid surveys. Let's examine the basics!

Write a story without panels
Of course, no bestselling comic is devoid of characters with well-developed histories and relationships with those around them, and these need to be solidified before the first panel can take hold. Every comic book writer has his or her own style when it comes to story outlining, but it can be as simple as using a note-taking application or even jotting down ideas longhand to work out the basic arc of the story. From here, a writer can break up this outline into separate chapters or issues at his or her discretion, and this will be used as a roadmap for future development.

From there, the outline can be segmented further by deciding what verbiage will be used for character dialog, action lines and other word-based elements, as well as deciding what action will take place inside of each panel. When this is complete, the artwork can finally begin, according to MakingComics.com.

Building your visual world
In the old days, this is when pen would be taken to paper - now, many artists prefer to work with a comic creation software to bring their stories to life. Gimp is a popular online tool that's available free to the public, and offers a specific comic book setting that allows users to create panels and illustrate within them at will. For more advanced options, you can use money earned online to subscribe to different software.

Gizmodo contributor Paul Caggegi recommended that artists try drawing especially tricky panels longhand before adding the complicated factors of digital layers of color and block text. It can also be helpful to have drawn-out character sketches of all major characters before they're thrown into action - first-time comic artists can lose a sense of the look and motion of a character if they don't spend time learning them beforehand. A little basic investigation into the way humans move will inform the way you design your characters, even if elements of these habits are made cartoonish or actively altered.

Finally, do it! Once your stories and characters are designed, there's a whole new world ahead of you, beginning with a single panel.

When you earn money at home by taking paid surveys, you can go from clueless about comics to being an addict in a matter of weeks. Indulge your superhero fantasies today with your extra cash and find a hobby unlike any other!

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