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Has the world gone zombie crazy?

For centuries, authors, illustrators and, more recently, film and television directors have all been infatuated with the idea of the dead rising from their graves and beginning to feed on the living. The zombie state appears to be among the best lives out there, as there are no expectations - just wandering around either very slowly or quickly depending upon the movie, seeking out fresh flesh and getting down like a crawfish fisherman in Louisiana. 

Why is it that zombie books, shows, stories and movies have always been so popular? That being said, it should not take long to realize just how much more popular and beloved the genre has become more recently, as so many different production companies are swooping in to make some dollars off of these types of films and shows. It would be difficult to have this conversation without beginning with one of the most popular shows on television today - "The Walking Dead."

Dead characters, but ratings alive
"The Walking Dead" is now in its fifth season, and has generated a cult following along with a more mainstream appeal to viewers of all ages. It took a little while for the show to gain its footing in the highly competitive primetime television arena, but it has met and exceeded expectations in a wealth of regards. So, despite the fact that the fourth season was so successful, many reviewers and others were anxious to see how the newest season premier performed.

A recent Opinion Outpost poll of 1,986 respondents found that only 35 percent of voters actually sat down to watch the season five premier of "The Walking Dead," representing roughly 701 individuals. On the other hand, the Opinion Outpost poll revealed that 1,285 respondents - or 65 percent of the participants - did not in fact watch the season premier of the beloved show, which might be a bit higher than most would have expected in the past.

Of course, there are other factors that could have impacted the show's ratings, such as households' newfound love of streaming platforms such as Netflix, that allow them wait for an entire season to be released and then "binge-watch."

As a note, Deadline reported that the show garnered a total of 17.3 million viewers on Sunday night, most of whom were between the ages of 18 and 49. The source also pointed out that this was 7 percent higher viewership than the season four premier, which held the show's personal record for ratings. 

Will it last?
The question remains of whether the zombie love will last in the United States, or if it will be a passing fad that future generations look at, smile and associate with a sillier society. Sure, zombie stories have been around for centuries, but will the popular, mainstream appeal remain?

Whether you watch "The Walking Dead" or not, do you think that this show and others like it will remain as popular a few years down the road as they are today?

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