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Google unveils top searches of 2015

Because it is the top search engine in the world, Google's data casts a wide net on the way people around the country are thinking. With the year coming to a close, the tech giant has released the most popular Google searches in the U.S. during 2015.

As the New York Times pointed out, many of the results are trivial or more distracting than helpful. For example, Lamar Odom and Charlie Sheen were very popular searches. For anyone surfing the Internet, taking paid surveys with Opinion Outpost is a much more productive use of time than indulging in celebrity gossip. Making money online from home is a much more fruitful pursuit than keeping up with the Kardashians.

Either way, here's a snapshot of the most popular searches.

Famous people were among the topics Americans looked up most overall this year. Odom took the No. 1 spot, but other popular searches included celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner and Ronda Rousey who came in fourth and fifth, respectively. 

Odom, Jenner and Rousey make up the top three when looking at just the most popular people that folks around the country Googled. Donald Trump and Australian model Ruby Rose round out the top five. Adele and Brian Williams also cracked the top ten list of the people Americans looked up most when visiting Google in 2015.

The list of most searched actors was headlined by scandal, with Charlie Sheen and Bill Cosby coming in first and second. As for actresses, Ruby Rose and Amy Schumer were most popular. 

In terms of sports, Steph Curry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jake Arrieta, DeMarco Murray, Alex Morgan and Ronda Rousey were the most frequently searched athletes in their individual leagues.

As for the increasingly contested presidential elections, two major candidates headlined the most popular political Google searches: Republican hopeful Donald Trump was the most Googled politician, followed by Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Neither President Barack Obama nor Hilary Clinton were among the top ten politicians Americans looked up most in 2015, but both Jimmy Carter and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the cut.

Famous selfies were also popular enough to earn a specific category from Google, and although the President evidently wasn't too popular of a search, his daughter Malia Obama had the most looked-up selfie of 2015. The list also includes Al Roker and Miss Lebanon. 

Along with celebrities, Google found that searches involving food were very popular as well. Recipes for making pumpkin seeds were among the most popular food searches, followed by dishes for sweet potato fries and Philly cheese steaks.

According to Google data, on the other side of the equation, the most popular diets were the 20/20 diet, the carb cycle diet and the famous paleo diet. Folks also looked up calorie totals for products like Starbucks' flat white coffee and Little Caesars' bacon wrapped deep dish pizza.

As for cocktails, the most popular drink searches were for sangria, Moscow mules, gimlets, cosmos and Long Island iced tea. Under the category of beer, the most popular was for Bud Light Mixxtail, which technically isn't even a beer. Gose beer, Grapefruit beer, 805 beer and Sweetwater 420 were the other beers Americans looked up most in 2015.

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