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Get Motivated: 2 stories that will inspire you to do more

Everyone gets bogged down from time to time, failing to find the motivation to tackle the day's chores or complete necessary work. Whether it's writer's block, a failure to concentrate or just plain laziness, you need a boost now and then to recharge and get back to work. 

When you need extra inspiration to complete an assignment, hit the gym, take online surveys or practice that new hobby, there are a few noteworthy stories that might encourage you to get out there and go for it. Here are two such examples.

'I'll show you how great I am'
Muhammad Ali - popularly known as one of the greatest boxers the world had ever seen - earned his way into the popular media for his talent as well as his reputation for mouthing off. Toward the end of his career, he faced perhaps his most challenging opponent, George Foreman, in "The Rumble in the Jungle." Going into the fight, Foreman was undefeated, with 40 wins under his belt, according to USA Today. Foreman was bigger, reportedly stronger, and a 4 to 1 favorite to win. Looking back, he would even admit to trying to kill Ali in the ring during the fight.

Nonetheless, in a press conference before the fight, Ali would make a now-famous inspirational speech in which he talked to his doubters directly saying "I know you've got him picked, but the man is in trouble. I'll show you how great I am."

Foreman had never been knocked off his feet inside the ring. After the fight, Ali would be the first person to ever knock him out.

Mister Rogers takes on Congress
There may have been no fight on the floors of Congress more one-sided than what played out when children's television legend Mister Rogers fought to preserve PBS funding. The soft-spoken host of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood faced down Sen. John Pastore, a self-diagnosed tough guy from Rhode Island. In 1969, President Richard Nixon proposed to cut a federal grant to PBS in half. Rogers was PBS network's last line of defense, and the only hope it had to stay running without allotting time to advertisements and for-profit cartoons.

Sen. Pastore was seemingly irritable when Rogers first took the floor, making a joke early in the discussion, but this abrasive attitude quickly melted away over the six minutes Rogers spoke about kindness and the need for children to receive care and attention. Ultimately, the meeting culminated in Rogers reading the lyrics of one of his children's show songs to Pastore, to which the senator said, "I'm supposed to be a pretty tough guy, and this is the first time I've had goosebumps for the last two days."

By the end of Rogers' statements, Sen. Pastore said, "Looks like you just earned the 20 million dollars."

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