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Fun summer activities that will keep your kids' minds jogging

Somewhere between the end of July and the beginning of September, your kids seem to lose some of the knowledge they accumulated during the previous school year. It's easy for them to neglect the critical math or reading skills they learned, especially when their minds are on video games or other lackadaisical activities.

So where's the solution? Giving them some fun projects or crafts to work on that involve real-world application of what they were taught in class can be a stimulating experience for them. If you're looking to pay for materials with some extra cash, there's always the option of taking surveys for money on Opinion Outpost.

A pressing concern
According to CNN, the National Summer Learning Association asserted that kids lose an equivalent of two months (about the amount of time they have off during break) of their grade-level math computational skills over the summer. As a result, the news source said that activity-based learning is the best way to keep your kid sharp as a whip.

In third grade, pupils typically learn about forces, axles and levers, which can be applied to concepts such as simple machines. Playing with the knowledge they accumulate in the classroom can not only keep their minds sound, but it can also be pretty fun.

The trebuchet: Your child's new favorite toy
There's something incredibly rewarding about building a basic, working instrument from scratch. Swisel, a contributor to Instructables.com, outlined how to make a simple trebuchet - those cool medieval instruments armies once used to launch boulders at castles. The materials needed to make one include:

  • Nine pieces of wood cut 10 inches by 0.6 inches
  • An old sock
  • Two wooden skewers
  • A paperclip
  • Two eye hook screws
  • A small saw (you could probably use an attachment on a Swiss Army knife)
  • String
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Hot glue gun

While some of these items are pretty cheap, some may be a little bit pricey. You can make the cash you need to pay for these products by taking online surveys for money. Then, just follow the steps Swisel outlined for you on Instructables.com and give your kids a little lesson in basic physics. Note: It's probably a good idea to tell your kids to aim the trebuchet away from your house.

Good old-fashioned reading
As far as language skills go, what better way to stimulate your kids' minds than by giving them a book to peruse? Provide them with a good children's novel and their imaginations will thrive. Not only will they benefit from creativity, they'll also take note of basic sentence structure and possibly learn a new word or two.

When it comes to paying for the literature, you can redeem the points you accumulate on Opinion Outpost for an Amazon.com Gift Card*. The website has a wide selection of books to choose from, and making money online from home can make the purchases relatively cheap.

There are a number of different crafts and activities you can set up for your kids to do this summer. Don't let their education go to waste - you have a stake in it as well.

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