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From the Page to the Screen: Books That Inspired Summer Movies

When it's summer vacation, college students often find themselves overwhelmed with entertainment options without any of the extra money to actually enjoy it. This season's wide variety of summer movies include a handful based off incredibly successful books - how's a person to choose between the two? With Opinion Outpost, you can earn money at home by taking paid surveys on your own time and indulge yourself with the book, movie or both with these incredible titles.

The Fault in Our Stars
This tearjerker was originally released as a young adult novel by John Green in 2012 to widespread, bestselling acclaim. The story revolves around sixteen-year-old Hazel, a young woman with terminal cancer who discovers love for the first time with Augustus Waters, a new teenager who shows up at the Cancer Kid Support Group. Romance and weeping are the name of the game in this beautifully written fare, and is brought to life admirably by director Josh Boone and leading actors Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort - both versions of the moving story are incredible in their own way, and you can be lucky enough to enjoy both when you fill out surveys for money.

A Million Ways to Die in the West
Seth Macfarlane is most famous for the U.S. cartoon juggernaut "Family Guy" that has dominated youth culture for fifteen years, but he's recently branched out into a number of new projects. One of them is his summer blockbuster project "A Million Days to Die in the West," a contemporary comedic take on the spaghetti western genre that is currently dominating the box office. Macfarlane wrote, directed and starred in the film, but didn't stop there - during the movie's production in Texas, he wrote a novelization of the movie for American bookworms to consume across the nation. His first novel, the book features the same leading characters that he and leading lady Charlize Theron play in the movie, as well as hilarious cameos from comedian Sarah Silverman and starlet Amanda Seyfried.

Million Dollar Arm
The second "million" themed story to grace our list, "Million Dollar Arm" is the book that the film must take the largest amount of creative license with. Its source material is written by American sport scout J.B. Bernstein, who headed to India to find a cricket player who he could train to be an ace pitcher in the U.S. baseball league. A fascinating portrayal, the movie offers the benefit of an all-star cast including "The Daily Show" correspondent Aasif Mandvhi and "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm playing the memoir's writer. Why not spring for both?

Whether you're a die-hard hammock reader or a popcorn-munching moviegoer, there's more than one way to enjoy these captivating summer stories when you earn extra money online. While you're at it, read the book and see the movie back to back and have the authority to compare which is superior - Opinion Outpost's paid surveys empowers this fun without your wallet hurting for it. Happy watching!

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