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Forget the pot of gold: Take paid surveys to have a perfect St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is a wonderful holiday full of delicious food, satisfying drinks and general merriment. According to Irish Central, however, the man behind the festivities - St. Patrick himself - was actually from Wales, not Ireland!

All the same, Americans have been celebrating St. Patrick's Day since the 1760s, with the first parade held in New York City. Since then it has moved from a humble day of observance to an opportunity for folks around the country to enjoy an adult beverage or two and dust off their best Irish accent. Although nationally it is not an official holiday, it is publicly recognized in cities like Boston.

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The gear
Wearing green is one of the oldest St. Patrick's Day traditions, the Christian Science Monitor reported. In the 18th century, people claimed that wearing green was a way to avoid being spotted by a leprechaun, the mythical Irish creature. Supposedly leprechauns have a knack for pinching whoever they can, and soon it become customary to pinch anyone who forgot to wear some green.

Being the "Emerald Isle," it makes sense that an Irish holiday would incorporate the color green into the celebration, and from dyeing the Chicago River to wearing all green accessories, it is now one of the most important traditions for St. Patrick's Day.

For anyone heading out to celebrate, showing up with just a green t-shirt or an old baseball cap isn't likely to impress anyone, and some restaurants or bars may even reward patrons with the best outfits. For that reason, heading to a party store to load up on accessories is key for a successful holiday. You may grab a green vest, some beads or any other wild and crazy piece of green flair. Because Opinion Outpost members can earn giftcards to places like Amazon*, it's easy to get your gear ahead of time.

The food
As the Christian Science Monitor noted, another major part of celebrating St. Patrick's Day is a traditional Irish meal. In modern times, we think of a boiled corned beef and cabbage dinner as the best way to take in the holiday, but this wasn't always the case.

The original meal was Irish bacon, enjoyed alongside cabbage or potatoes. When Irish immigrants came to the U.S., they realized they could not afford bacon. They found corned beef, which they borrowed from Jewish immigrants, to be a worthy and cost-effective substitute. The tradition stuck, and nowadays both Irish and non-Irish folks celebrating St. Patrick's Day often seek out a nice plate of corned beef and cabbage

The costumes
For anyone really looking to turn heads, there are plenty of full costumes that can be purchased ahead of the big day. These range from a leprechaun get-up complete with full beard to a kilt and a bag pipe. 

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