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Finance fall activities with paid online surveys

Autumn offers some unique activities for those looking to celebrate the season, and most of Americans' most cherished fall traditions are inexpensive. Taking paid surveys online is an easy way to pay for some of fall's most exciting offerings.

Family trips to pumpkin patches, corn mazes and apple orchards are a staple of fall fun in the U.S., while other options such as haunted amusement parks and hard cider tastings offer their own spin on the season for older folks. No matter what you enjoy doing this season, earning a little extra money by taking paid online surveys is a great first step in financing your favorite fall activity.

The flavors
Fall is dominated by pumpkin, apple, and other nostalgic tastes that seem to encapsulate the season. There is no shortage of tasty outings and indulgences during autumn, and given the plethora of options, you'll be glad you earned some extra cash by taking online surveys.

The consumption of hard cider has exploded in recent years, and a cider tasting is a great way to take in the flavor of fall. According to the University of Vermont, since 2008, hard cider sales in the U.S. have gone up 73 percent each year, and no less than 7 percent of all apples grown in the U.S. in 2014 went into making 54 million gallons of hard cider.

Apples are a quintessential part of what makes autumn special, and a hard cider tasting or brewery tour is a great way to celebrate the season, but if you have under-aged patrons in your group, apple picking may be a more appropriate activity. Happily, there's no shortage of options there either. Research from the University of Illinois stated that apples now account for 50 percent of the entire world's deciduous fruit production, meaning there are plenty left over for traditional apple picking.

The sights
As outlined by the Corn Mazes America website, there are countless options for Americans when it comes to attempting a corn maze during the fall season. Corn mazes are great activities for the family, and are a cherished fall tradition not to be missed. Likewise, a trip to your local pumpkin patch is equally as nostalgic, and neither activity is particularly expensive. Celebrating fall doesn't have to break the bank, especially after taking a few paid online surveys first.

Visiting haunted houses is another popular way to celebrate the Halloween season, and some of these attractions take their frightening trade very seriously. For example, for just north of $20, The 17th Door in Tustin, California, will leave visitors immensely frightened. In fact, the 17th door is so scary, its patrons need to sign a waiver and designate a safe-word before entering.

The sounds
Another great way to celebrate autumn is to visit a local Oktoberfest celebration. There are countless food and beverage offerings, to say nothing of the the polkas and drinking songs at Oktoberfests. Cities and towns across the country host their own version of the originally German festival, and it is fast becoming its own cherished fall tradition. Once again, making money by taking paid surveys online is a great way to help finance some of these fall festivities and get you started on taking in the season.

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