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Fill out paid surveys and fill your tank [VIDEO]

As you've probably noticed, gas prices have been plummeting recently. In some places you can even pay less than two dollars a gallon. But while folks are finding they have to stretch their paychecks less at the pump, people who take paid surveys were already filling the tank without breaking the bank.

Opinion Outpost is a site that pays you cash for sharing your opinions via online paid surveys. Earning money really can be that easy and efficient. You simply complete surveys to earn points, which you can then redeem for cash via PayPal. What you spend it on is up to you! Maybe a day trip to the beach? Low minimum redemption levels also mean you won't be taking many surveys before you can redeem. So start planning your day trips soon!

Car sales are sure to benefit from the recent drop in gas prices, so we asked some of our members if they prefer to buy or lease their vehicles:

83 percent said they plan to buy cars, while only 7 percent said they would lease. Interestingly enough though, 10 percent choose to use public transportation or walk.

Whether you lease or buy, you're filling your tank for less these days. Make your next fill-up free using the money you earn taking paid surveys at Opinion Outpost!

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