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Everything you need to know about 'Batman v Superman'

One of the year's most anticipated films is set for release this spring, and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" will likely be a big-time blockbuster. The film pits two of the world's most prominent superheroes against one another in an unforgettable action-packed thriller.

Taking paid surveys before the movie is released is an easy way to make money from home online and pay for tickets or snacks. For the most die-hard fans, it's also an easy way to save up for a new costume to wear to the big opening. Here are a few interesting facts to get you ready for the premiere.

Batman and Superman have clashed before
According to Screen Rant, the son of Krypton and Bat of Gotham have met before, ushering in a true clash of the titans for the new movie. Written by Frank Miller, whose work has been the inspiration for many of the modern superhero films that have been released in recent memory, the comic book series "The Dark Knight Returns" tells the story of an aging Bruce Wayne who dons his emblematic costume one last time to free Gotham from evil. Screen Rant reported that in the series, the president calls on Superman to reign in the Dark Knight.

Keep an eye on Affleck's hair
In this latest flick, Ben Affleck will play the part of Batman, joining a long list of actors who have portrayed the hero. Movie Pilot explained that Affleck himself picked out the hairstyle for Batman's alias billionaire Bruce Wayne, despite protests from the film's producer Deborah Snyder.

Not only did Affleck win the day and choose the specific style, but whenever he is seen as Wayne, the actor is actually wearing a wig.

The film has Christopher Nolan's blessing
The most recent Batman trilogy was written and directed by Christopher Nolan, and with Christian Bale as the lead, the films performed spectacularly at the box office. According to Batman News, Zack Snyder, the man presiding over this latest Batman movie, admitted that Nolan was "taken aback" by the pairing of Batman and Superman but that he was entirely supportive of the effort.

'Batman v Superman' has an Oscar pedigree
Ben Affleck is a highly regarded actor and film producer, having won an Academy Award for his work on "Good Will Hunting" as well as for "Argo," though he's not the only major player in this film to have taken home the gold at the Oscars.

Chris Terrio, one of the chief writers for this flick, also won an Academy Award for his work on "Argo," Screen Rant reported, meaning perhaps "Batman v Superman" will be very well-written compared to other superhero pictures.

This is only the beginning
Movie Pilot reported that the DC Extended Universe is just getting started. Warner Brother produces DCEU films and has seen its rival Marvel, which is owned by Disney, produce hits like "The Avengers" and "Iron Man" in recent years. Soon however, there may be more competition in the world of superhero films.

Films staring Wonder Woman, the Suicide Squad, the Flash and many other familiar faces are set to hit the big screen in the next few years, all produced by DCEU.

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