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Employer doesn't appreciate you? Here's an unlikely solution

Everyone has encountered at least one boss  with whom they simply can't get along. For some, "Great dislike" isn't strong enough of a phrase to describe the feelings they harbor regarding their superiors. Thankfully, if you're looking to abandon a sub-par work situation for a more lax atmosphere, going online and taking surveys for money isn't implausible. For lower-level workers sick of an impersonal corporate atmosphere, taking these tests may be a way for them to voice their opinion on the matter. 

Submitting complaints without getting in anyone's face
Say you're a minimum-wage employee working for a nationwide movie theater chain. After years of dedicated service without a single pay raise or promotion, countless nights of cleaning candy, soda and children's vomit from seats and listening to customers complain about the exorbitant price of a small popcorn, you've finally had enough. There's just one problem: the concerns you're about to express to your manager have been communicated several times over to no avail. It's at this point that you realize you need to go to the people who are calling the shots.

Unfortunately, the chances of a C-suite executive taking the time to speak to a ticket usher is pretty slim, if not impossible. However, like many corporations, there's a pretty good chance your employer visits websites providing business leaders with market research. How is such intelligence collected? By offering consumers the chance to take surveys for money. What's to stop you from participating in such a study? In a way, you could be manipulating the manner in which upper management interacts with lower-level workers. On the other hand, if a survey pertains directly to customer service at chain movie theaters, it's a good opportunity to praise yourself.

Throwing in the towel 
Of course, there's a much less complicated way to resolve the issue: You could just quit. The problem is, where else are you going to work? The reason why you were putting up with that second job at the theater was because you needed some extra cash. But that's the thing: They mostly scheduled you on Friday and Saturday nights, so what did you actually end up doing after? You probably got home at around 11 p.m. smelling like popcorn oil and watched another episode of "Dawson​'s Creek." Sad. 

Thankfully, there's hope. By visiting a website like Opinion Outpost, you can sign up for a chance to regularly take surveys for cash. Aside from providing you with a little bit of spending money via PayPal, Opinion Outpost also offers gift cards for Amazon and iTunes. Music and other forms of entertainment are quite costly nowadays, so these benefits are valuable to those who purchase audio and visual content on a regular basis. 

There's always the option of sticking it out, braving the storm - whatever you call it... but is it worth it? Although movie theaters bring laughter and tears to cinema buffs across the globe, there's a pretty good chance that you're probably just crying whenever you clock in - inside, if not in front of your co-workers. 

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