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Election Day is Nov. 4 - will you vote?

The midterm elections are rapidly approaching, falling on Tuesday, Nov. 4, and all citizens are urged to get out and make their voices known. Don't worry, we won't be pushing for one candidate or another, nor will we be overly preachy about how each party has its strengths and weaknesses. No, we will not, and why would we? Think about it, we don't even know where you live, who you are or what your passions might be, so why would we tell you who to vote for?

Come to think of it, why do major news networks tell so many different, diverse households who they should vote for? That is a conversation for another time, but certainly worth thinking about. 

Now, the real driving spirit behind this blog you're reading today is us wanting to urge you to get out and exercise your right to vote. The United States of America is a beautiful, prolific country with so much to offer, but perhaps nothing as unique as the way we elect our government officials. So, get excited about it, because it's time to party!

Who is going to vote?
Unfortunately, a wealth of eligible voters balk at the idea of going to the booths each election, especially when it is the midterm iteration of the event. Whether they are too busy or just don't care, they do not put forth their opinions on a wealth of subjects that can impact their own lives and environments. C'est la vie, though, am I right?

A recent Opinion Outpost survey of roughly 1,144 respondents sought to discover the general sentiments of Americans going into the midterm elections. According to the survey, roughly 49 percent - or 562 voters - stated that they would be voting on Nov. 4. Just under a third, or 362 respondents, were decisively not planning to go out and vote, while 19 percent - or 220 respondents - were still undecided at the time of the the poll. 

One can only hope - and Founding Fathers can only expect - every American to get to the booths this Tuesday and exercise one of the most desirable rights in the world - the right to vote. 

Why not?
As a reminder, we live in a democracy. In fact, we live in one of the purest democracies in the world - at least with respect to the way the system ought to function. The successes and failures of the nation are contingent upon the people living therein, and a lack of participation in important responsibilities will never serve the needs and desires of those who choose not to vote, as well as their peers and the country at large. 

Also, voting really doesn't take all that long and can be a fun way to meet individuals in your community! 

At the end of the day, it is your choice and your choice alone, so we ask once again: Will you vote on Nov. 4?

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