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Easy tips for speeding up your phone

For anyone saving up for a new phone, taking paid surveys with Opinion Outpost is an easy way to make money from home online and help reign in the cost of a new device. For other folks, however, simply finding ways to make your existing smartphone work a little bit smoother is just as important.

By being savvy about different settings, you can not only extend the battery life of your smartphone but also make the device work faster. For anyone having phone issues, try out these tips.

Completely close your apps
Often when people stop using an app, it is still running in the background. This can be an effective tool for hopping in between different projects or social media feeds, and over the course of the day, you may access a dozen or more apps. However, all of the background activity can eventually become a drag on your phone's operating bandwidth. For that reason, once you are completely finished using an app, be sure to close out of it completely.

Delete old photos and music
Android Pit reported that freeing up memory on your phone is another way to give it a little boost. Old apps, bloated music libraries and photos can cut into your phone's overall storage capacity, and this may slow down your device. Deleting a few things is an effective way to speed up any smartphone, not just Androids.

Check settings for unnecessary features
Many apps and built-in tools on your phone may have automatic update settings that can not only cause your phone to slow down but also eat up precious data or battery life. If you explore your settings, you can likely find a list of apps that are constantly refreshing themselves. Programs with location services especially will require a certain amount of power, even when they're not being used.

By stopping background activity, you can free up your phone's overall operational capacity for more pertinent tasks. See which apps use the most data or battery power and make changes accordingly.

Actually install updates
Odds are that many folks find the constant reminders to upgrade to the latest operating software annoying, and it's possible to ignore these suggestions for weeks, if not months. Many of these updates fix bugs and can help your phone perform at its best, though. Even if it may be a bit of a headache to undertake, going through with your updates is important.

At the same time, making sure your apps are up to date is also essential. Check the app store and initiate any pending upgrades. This will make the app and your phone work better.

Clear out old texts
Know your mobile found that even old text messages can slow down your smartphone. For folks who are nostalgic about old texts, there are likely many messages that can be scrapped. Delete an old text from a pizza delivery guy or perhaps find a few group messages that can be purged. The source found that some folks may sacrifice as much as 1 GB on text message data alone.

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