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Earn points toward summer fun [Video]

Summertime is in full swing now that Memorial Day weekend is over! While summer is many people's favorite time of year, it can be a pricey season. Did you know the national average price for regular unleaded gasoline reached its highest price of the year on Memorial Day ($2.74) after rising for 39 of 41 days, according to AAA?

Luckily, summer is also the perfect time for you to earn some extra cash taking surveys for Opinion Outpost, and put it towards a vacation! You can earn points taking surveys and redeem for cash right at opinionoutpost.com.

Traveling in the summer and not worrying about gas prices is worth the little time it takes to complete fun surveys online. So sign up today - and start earning points right away! While you're on opinionoutpost.com, vote in our live mini poll and let us know if you have a trip planned this summer!

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