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Earn money for indoor winter essentials by taking paid surveys

With winter on the way, it's time to gear up for long hours of indoor activity. Opinion Outpost can help you earn extra money at home to accommodate the additional expenses that go along with your annual hibernation. Just fill out a few paid surveys and the Netflix subscription you need to survive the winter weather should be covered. Need some more indoor survival tips? We've got a couple suggestions.

Stay warm without hiking up the heat
As most homeowners and lessees know, heating costs rise pretty dramatically during the winter months. Well, step away from that thermostat and look for a few low-price heating solutions. First, turn to your textiles. Blankets are key. Mental Floss advised blanket users to layer. Also, get your hands on some dense thermal curtains. These will prevent cold air from seeping through windows which is an especially serious issue in older homes with inadequate insulation. Trying to keep down costs? You can use shower curtains instead, reported The British Broadcasting Corporation. If you're working with concrete or hardwood floors, drop by the home decor store and pick up some rugs. A study conducted by Britain's National Energy Foundation showed that floors were responsible for 10 percent of indoor heat loss.     

According to Mental Floss, using heat-generating kitchen appliances is another great way to heat your home. Plus you get to whip up a decadent dishes, guilt free. If you're looking for wintertime culinary inspiration, Bon Appetit published over 50 recipes created to cut through the cold. Make sure you follow up your hearty winter feast with few gingerbread cookies. According to a U.S. National Institute of Health study, ginger can raise your body temperature. Lastly, save the booze for spring. Alcohol actually decreases your body temperature and puts you at greater risk for hypothermia, reported The New York Times.

Are you not entertained
A blizzard has appeared outside of your window. One man understands how you feel - Ned Stark, the level-headed protagonist of HBO's hit television series "Game of Thrones." Distract yourself from the winter by watching Stark and his family navigate the inhospitable political climate of Westeros, the civilization at the center of show. Just don't get too attached to anyone or their haircut.

Looking to engage your brain? Try video games. Yes, you read that correctly. According to Business Insider, gaming can actually improve your cognitive health. The publication cites a variety of studies that claim regular gaming can improve our decision-making and multitasking abilities, and sharpen our focus.

Video games have the potential to improve our physical health, as well. Researchers at the University of Rochester found that gamers were better at sensing distance and contrast than non-gamers. And, a study conducted by the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, found that playing interactive video games requiring full-body, physical movement was "comparable to moderate intensity walking." Forget breaking out the snowshoes. Plug in that gaming console, instead. 

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