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Earn extra money online and take big risks

So you're an adrenaline junkie without a productive outlet for all that pent-up excitement? It happens to the best of us. Oftentimes, those who thrive on living on the edge simple can't afford to do so - after all, high-risk activities often don't come at a low price. However, when you earn extra money online from the comfort of your home by taking paid surveys, it's possible to fund some of these lifelong dreams simply by sharing your thoughts with a company like Opinion Outpost.

That solves the problem of procuring extra cash, but where does a daredevil go from there? To get an adrenaline junkie's brain moving, here are some ideas for activities to keep the heart pounding.

Brave the Appalachian Trail
Spanning from Georgia all the way to Maine, the Appalachian Trail is certainly not for the faint of heart. According to Boston.com, the trail can take anywhere from three to seven months to complete depending on the direction a hiker is headed in, passes through 14 states and stretches 2,184 miles. Interestingly enough, the trail covers all sorts of terrain, ranging from hills and valleys to streams and more wooded areas. While an extreme challenge, completing the Appalachian Trail would certainly be an adventure to remember.

Take jumping off a cliff to the next level
While simply diving from the top of a cliff would be enough for some risk-takers, others may want to raise the stakes of this dangerous undertaking even more. Risktaking blog Nerve Rush recently compiled some of the most intense activities available to today's adrenaline junkie, and made a special note of the heightened rush of freediving.

Contributor Scarleth White described the activity as "a form of underwater diving that does not involve the use of scuba gear or other external breathing devices, but rather relies on a diver's ability to hold his or her breath until resurfacing. Examples include breath-hold spear fishing, freedive photography, apnea competitions and to some degree, snorkeling."

Oftentimes, challenging the limits of one's own body is what embarking on these tasks is all about, and being able to combine freediving with other hobbies like photography is an excellent way of getting creative and preserving the moment.

Indoor rock climbing
For the newcomer to extreme hobbies, indoor rock climbing is a great way to gauge your comfort with heights and risk in a more controlled, safe environment. Before you decide to hike up to Everest's peak, it's important to ensure that the correct training and preparations have been made to make the dream a reality. What's more, many rock climbing venues offer affordable memberships to curious patrons, and often allow members to bring friends and make a day of it.

When you earn extra money online and fill out surveys for money, there's no limit to the fun that can be had for a relatively low price. If you've always wanted to take a leap or a dive, get some well-deserved catharsis and make it happen by contributing your thoughts to Opinion Outpost!

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