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Don't pay to take surveys

When you're trying to make money online, one of the quickest and most accessible methods is completing paid online surveys. They don't require any training, sign up is normally very simple, and they can be completed at any time and from any location with Internet access.

Ultimately, the benefits outweigh the potential costs by a great deal most of the time because there are likely no costs to begin with. However, there are dozens of sites out there that charge sign-up fees before supplying you with questionnaires. Aside from being unnecessary, these websites can be poor financial decisions, and could even be riskier than competing survey websites that are free to use. 

Here are a few reasons why you should choose a free paid-survey service instead of one that charges an initial fee.

Make less bang for your buck
According to ABC News, there are paid survey services that will charge anywhere from $30 to $50 at sign up before allowing you to answer questions for cash. When that happens, you'll immediately start in the red and have to complete several questionnaires before breaking even. That means you'll have to spend more time and effort on these sites before making any money at all. 

These websites sometimes get away with charging users by promising unrealistic earnings, according to the news source. In reality there are reliable survey sites out there that pay just as much - and sometimes more - without charging any initial fees. When these options are easy to find and easy to use, choosing the free services over the paid competition is a no-brainer and the easiest way to start making a profit quickly.

Compromise your personal information
Many survey sites ask for some of your personal information beforehand, but answering these questions is often harmless. They will ask for your age, gender, marital status and about the region you live in to get an idea about your demographic. This can be valuable for market research, and the questions are vague and won't compromise your identity. 

Survey sites that charge a fee immediately require you to share personal financial information, however, and this can be potentially risky. Giving your bank account, credit card information and other personal information to an online service requires great care. Luckily, this act can be avoided using a free survey service. Many paid online surveys reward users through PayPal accounts or by offering rewards to Internet marketplaces. They often don't require sensitive bank information and don't create a liability for you. 

Why waste the time?
From Facebook to music networks like Spotify, companies around the Web have found that users simply don't like paying to use a service. Free is almost always a more desirable option, so why not capitalize on a service that doesn't charge you anything? If you want to go through the hassle of copying your credit card information and personal info onto a webpage, by all means do it. Just know that there are alternatives that are just as good, pay just as well and require much less effort.

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