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Do you know how to earn Bitcoins?

Do you know how to earn Bitcoins?

There are a plethora of options you can pursue to earn money online, and one of the most tantalizing prospects for some tech-savvy Web users has been Bitcoin. This universal crypto-currency jumped into the media spotlight due to a multitude of factors. What's so special about it? Well, the big appeal stems mainly from the fact that there is no middleman with Bitcoin and no banks to navigate through, yet the digital money has become remarkably versatile. Let's go over some of the basics.

What's so great about Bitcoin?
For starters, no banks mean no fees, according to CNN Money. Say goodbye to all of those transaction fees you encountered before or any of the added cost you may have been used to when dealing with a middleman. That includes countries, too. Bitcoin is an international currency that maintains the same value everywhere on the planet. You can make international payments without worrying about exchange rates or credit card fees.

What can you pay for exactly? Well, just about anything. Bitcoin has become increasingly popular among small businesses or solely on the Internet. The currency can be used to purchase everything from manicures to snack foods to Web services and almost anything else you can think of. Moreover, Bitcoins can be transferred wirelessly from your digital wallet to another person's without an added cost. 

Still doubting the legitimacy of this up-and-coming currency? Consider this. The Jamaican Bobsled team lacked funds to make the trip to Sochi for the Winter Olympic Games earlier this year, according to The Guardian. That's when Liam Butler and two friends began a fundraising campaign using an iteration of Bitcoin called Dogecoin - a play on a popular Internet meme. The individuals raised over $25,000 for the Jamaican team using the electronic currency - money that actually went to transportation costs and other expenditures necessary for getting the athletes to Russia.

Bitcoin has garnered so much positive recognition that MIT students and officials are working to establish a functioning ecosystem for the digital currencies, according to The Boston Globe. Using a large portion of alumni donations, students have even managed to offer undergraduates $100 in Bitcoin each to help cement the currency's place as a reputable system of barter. It may be an online phenomenon, but it's become significant in the real world.

How to earn Bitcoins
While CNN Money reported that individuals can create and earn Bitcoins by "mining" the currency through completing complex math problems online, there are other ways to earn the crypto-currency. One of those ways is by completing paid online surveys. Here's how it works: Different businesses and companies are willing to pay to know consumers' opinions about products, services and more. You can supply this information by completing surveys online, and sources are willing to pay for the feedback either by issuing rewards, offering cash or supplying you with one of the most popular tech currencies out there today - Bitcoin. Even if a source doesn't pay in Bitcoin, you can purchase the crypto-currency using PayPal or other forms of payment.

Complete as many surveys as you'd like and earn all the Bitcoins you can. 

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