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Do the environment a favor and take a survey for money

Between the natural disasters that occur on a regular basis and glaciers slowly fading out of existence, there certainly seems to be a fair amount of panic among the public related to the environment. It's easy to blame the big guys - oil companies and other corporations that routinely consume fossil fuels. Yet, at the end of the day, consumers are the ones placing the demand on these organizations to supply them with energy, food and other necessities. By taking surveys for money, you can indirectly tell companies that you favor sustainability over wasteful methods.

You're their source of information
The reason why companies manufacture products is that consumers demand it. There's no reason for firms to spend valuable time and capital producing a particular item if it's not going to sell. The problem is, it wasn't until recently that the general population really began scrutinizing how certain materials were being fabricated or where raw materials originated from.

Take the food industry, for example. After enlightening documentaries such as "Food Inc." came out, society answered by reducing its consumption of edibles produced by companies exercising unsustainable methods. In response, many food corporations implemented new policies that instigated environmentally and socially responsible practices. In short, they responded to what consumers wanted.

As opposed to spending the time interviewing a collection of 100 individuals or less, the majority of these enterprises consult statistics produced by websites offering people the opportunity to take online surveys. When acknowledging questions regarding manufacturing and distribution methods, consumers should favor answers that will motivate executives to promote the usage of renewable energy in company warehouses or factories.

Be a positive influence
You're probably thinking to yourself, "I'm just one person," or "My choices may differ from others taking the same survey." These may be valid estimations, but there's a way you can make the message you wish to be heard more prevalent in the final statistic. Get as many people with viewpoints identical to your own to take surveys for money and your voice will be pronounced. Social media tools could be of particular assistance to you in connecting with Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Thankfully, your ideas regarding green technology and a sustainable future aren't uncommon. According to a survey conducted by Vestas, 49 percent of respondents claimed that they would pay higher prices for products that are produced using renewable energy. Many corporations have recognized this statistic and responded by integrating wind and solar power into their practices. Granted, this number is just half of the 31,000 people surveyed, but if ecologically cognizant people participated, the percentage would rise, which would greatly influence the production standards of enterprises throughout the world.

There are very few avenues through which people can get paid to take surveys and exercise their opinions on such important matters. By taking just a small chunk of time out of your day, you can help contribute to environmentally friendly practices and encourage sustainability in the corporate sector.

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