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Discover the Year's Best Music with Money from Paid Surveys

Discover the years best music with money from paid surveys

When you're short on cash, it can be hard to stay on the cutting edge of pop culture - not only is there the added stress and worry of making ends meet, there's also the significant bill that can rack up when you go a little music-crazy. Let your wild side out this summer when you earn extra money online by taking paid surveys on Opinion Outpost, and get caught up on some of the best releases of 2014 thus far! After all, a little extra street cred never hurt.

St. Vincent gets weird in self-titled fourth release
If you're looking to spend some money after you get paid for taking surveys at home, look no further than the fabulous solo artist St. Vincent. She's been producing impressive, razor-sharp pop music for nearly a decade and made an impression on fans of post-punk after collaborating with Talking Heads frontman David Byrne in the summer of 2013. On her fourth album, a self-titled release, this influence rings loud and clear as St. Vincent, the stage name for artist Annie Clark, layers experimental electronic sound over her signature thematic lyrics. Originally released in February of this year, the album discusses the digital age and the artist's generation's constant expectation of instant gratification. SPIN's Jessica Hopper praised "St. Vincent" as one of the most exciting products put out in 2014 so far.

"If she's flaunting anything, it's how impeccable a pop technician she is, dipping between the rhetoric of classic rock (those Sabbath-y yawns of distortion), classical voicings and tightly hyper-melodic pop blasts," Hopper raved.

Get down with Quilt's New England rock
Originally from New Hampshire, this threesome's career had a slow takeoff that developed into a promising future. Quilt is the perfect band to listen to when catching up on your summer reading in a hammock, and their new album "Held in Splendor" is no exception - they inject an occasional funky twist into their signature hippie-smooth sound, but the album remains steady and a fun listen at its core. When you earn money at home, it's also fun to host a listening party to share your sonic discoveries with friends!

Mac Demarco dazzles in "Salad Days"
This Montreal native has a reputation for being the weirdest, most wild man in independent music, and this rings true in his sophomore release "Salad Days." Demarco's music seems to be custom-made for the summer, taking its time to get into your system with its gentle guitar riffs and lyrics about his bizarre, often relatable experiences growing up. SPIN's Jillian Mapes predicted that the artist will be making exciting music for years to come.

"It's all part of DeMarco's bait-and-switch, his earnestness peeking through the shtick as though he's never liked something ironically in his life," she said on "Salad Days."

Making money online with Opinion Outpost could be the key to becoming the most knowledgeable music-lover in your circle - check out these releases and continue to discover new tunes with your extra income all year long!

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